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Ideas to help the devs make money!

Let’s think of ideas to help the devs make more money! What could they sell that would tempt you to part with your hard earned cash?

Things to keep in mind:

  1. The games economy based on what already is sold, the price of what you suggest should be roughly equivalent to things already being sold.

  2. What type of player would want it? Think beginner, mid game, or end game player. And small, medium, or large spender.

  3. Try to consider pay to help but not pay to win.

Daily Arcanes
1 random arcane × 15 days

Daily Gem Keys
2 gem keys × 15 days


1 vip key x15 days 6$

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Lol, that’s like 50 gems a day. That’d be priced closer to $19.99 for 15 days.


Just make stuff with our buck. I feel like some of these packs are a slap to the face. Like our money ain’t worth crap. You want it? Persuade me to want to spend. Tell me why I should. Cuz these packs ain’t catching my attention and many are in the same boat.

I’m buying the daily gems solely Bcuz I wnna support the game not because it does much for me!


Hence this topic.
I agree completely with you, except for the phrasing lol.

I am vip level 9 almost 10 (need 25 points) so i dont feel the need to support them since i already dumped lot of money


I know I fail to resist the small purchases of a few useful items in other games. They fit my budget better. It’s also psychological. I’ll buy several $1.99 offers but hesitate over a $9.99.
I look at the cost of diamonds and balance everything needed for the game and just go “no”.
This is a sale they are offering now? I’m seeing 10 extra diamonds for the $9.99. That’s not a sale. That’s a free pen for opening a checking account!
My other game offers sales like 80% off for a day or two and I’m jumping all over that!


Weapon packs at 4.99$. These packs does only have one weapon.
Premium Weapon packs at 9.99$. Has the same weapon as in the Weapon pack + 100 gems

Every week/event there is a new weapon and premium weapon pack available to buy. It is so many weapons I wish I had. :disappointed_relieved:


Ummm, you might want to look at the shop again. the weapons. packs have more than just weapons.

What are you talking about?

He’s on Console. Apparently they have Weapon bundles in the store there.


Yup we got it this week

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Damn, so lucky you console players are. :smiley:

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Well you guys on pc get every new toys before us :slight_smile: untill we catch up

Arguably, you get the toys now shortly after we do, with the most egregious bugs hammered out. I think you’re in a better spot now that you’d ever be if you “caught up.” :slight_smile:


True you guys and girls are our beta testers lol

Back on topic, how to make the devs more money…

Make better deal on gems!!!
I mean a real deal not the joke we currently see

Now you will say they can’t cause it gonna be a pay to win

But isin’t it already if all the team buy the darknight armor, they will get more gold and will be able to give more to the guild and get more ressources and grown up much faster so where is the difference?


Premium memberships, pay by month (or two weeks), with resource multipliers on everything (gems, glory, gold, souls, traitstones, seals) from every in-game source aside from key openings (battles, tributes, treasure hunt rewards, guild tasks). A smaller boost, like 25%, and multiplicative over the other boosts, not additive, reasonably priced at 10 to 20 dollars a month and I’m in. You still have go earn everything that you earn in order to get anything, but you’d earn it slightly faster. Any amount of x gems for x dollar packs are either going to be “too good” for beginners or “bad” for later game players, so really the obvious choice is to make the bonuses based on what you already earn.


Oh I like that idea, and it keeps with the theme of already having armor and vip giving a bonus to gold, xp, souls. I’ll just use place holder values to show it off.

+50% gold
+50% xp
+50% souls
×50% seals
x 30 days