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VIP Rewards 3.1 edition

First and foremost, I know this has been discussed many times before and I apologize for bringing it up again but with the current dissatisfaction amongst long time VIP players I thought it might be worth another go round.

I have a very simple suggestion to ease the burden of the gem nerf to those players who purchased VIP to unlock those wonderful chests.

Currently VIP offers Glory keys as rewards
At levels 2, 4, 7, and 9.

And Gem keys as rewards at levels
11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Change those to VIP keys.
Simple, clean, satisfying.

I am VIP 5 and I know ALOT of forum members stopped there as well. This would net us 2 VIP keys a day. Which I cannot feel would be economy breaking. And honestly feels appropriate. I paid a substantial amount to be a member of this VIP club should I not be given some free draws of the VIP specific content?

I know that backlash comes from looking at the extremes and yes somebody at VIP 20 would be getting a dozen VIP keys per day but if memory serves VIP 20 is over $8000 invested in the game!!!

At that point, they are no longer a player, they are an investor and should be able to PM salty for whatever cards they need! :wink:

Feel free to share thoughts and other ideas below.
And most of all, don’t lose hope in this great game, the dev’s who keep meeting us in the middle, and THIS outstanding community.


Two VIP keys per day would equate around 60 per month. We were able to earn enough Gems to buy a 50-pack of keys each month before the nerf…I actually quite like this solution.

VIP 20 is over $8,000 invested. I’d say at that level a dozen keys is the least someone should receive as a “thank you”, because those are the people who are keeping the servers running for us lower VIPs (not to mention the hordes of free players).


Sorry but if you spend 8000$ on the game you deserve every mythic for free for the rest of your life


You want an example of Devs who meet their community in the middle, look up Vespa and King’s Raid.

I’m VIP 8, and that sounds reasonable to me.

Frankly, I was always surprised we didn’t get VIP keys instead of glory keys.


Edited OP to reflect correct investment amount of $8000! Thanks for that catch!

@RyuuHou24 While I respect that there very well may be games out there that do it better, please don’t discount what our dev’s did. A response this swift has not been seen in a while and credit should be given to them recognizing that a serious concern arose and handling it.

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Welcome. I think the actual total is $8,290 or there abouts. Either way, I think the idea of a dozen VIP keys daily for someone willing to pony up that kind of money is more than acceptable.

The more I think about it, the more this kind of adjustment could be seen as a true value-add for the VIP program. I hope it’s at least considered.


As do I. I’ve been around a while and I try to keep my feature requests reasonable. This is one I’ve felt for a long time but with the ability to acquire gems in game never pursued.

Door opened, I stepped in. :wink:

So VIP keys instead of gem keys yes?? So VIP 11 to get VIP keys??
If so it gets a big yes from me.


Actually death my suggestion is to make them ALL VIP keys not just from 11 on.


I honestly can’t see them doing that tbh. It’s a fantastic idea and would certainly get people spending though.


Thank you for saying that. I’m sure some people will see this as one person demanding more for my $. But, I actually want it for the health of the game more than myself. I too think it would get people opening their wallets more to know that they could not only unlock VIP chests but earn daily VIP keys! What!? :thinking: :money_mouth_face:

Before somebody asks, how can they be awarding VIP keys at lvl 2 and 4 when access doesn’t arrive til VIP 5?

There are 3 options here:

  1. Daily VIP keys can be used like normal but VIP 5 merely unlocks the ability purchase them with Gems.

  2. Daily VIP keys are earned but cannot be spent until a player reaches VIP 5. This is the Golden Carrot model. Players watch that horde of keys keep growing and growing until they just say: Screw it I’m spending more money!

  3. Remove keys at 2 and 4 and start giving them at VIP 5.

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So, the post is suggesting that VIP 5 should get 2 VIP keys per day…?
While the game is selling 50 gems for $5…?
I can not remember how much it take to be VIP 5, but it might be around $130…
And with 2 VIP keys per day as the post suggested, that’s worth 100 gems ($10 per day?).
And if you spent $140 for VIP 5, you will get more after 2 weeks.
With that point of view, I can see that is not gonna happen.
Just my 2 rupiahs about the games currency.
Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

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A fair point for sure and one used in the past… perhaps even by the devs themselves if memory serves, however:

  1. I think it is fair to say that the price of gems has been a point of contention for quite some time.

  2. If the devs truly Place the value of VIP keys that highly then consider making them weekly rather than daily.

But either way, let’s have a conversation about it, right? :wink:

You said it yourself, a response this swift has not been seen in awhile, yet you don’t want people discounting them? That you even made that statement shows how inept they’ve been in the past, and in general. People, including myself, told them, CONSTANTLY, about the AI problems on console, again, and again, and again, AND AGAIN.

You know what we got? “Recall Bias” BS. Every single time.

But low and behold, just like myself and everyone else said, as soon as it went on PC/Mobile, where there’s more people that will point blank suffocate them with evidence and complaints about it, suddenly, they can’t get off their asses fast enough.

So I’ll discount their one time swift response all I want, because that what it is - ONE. TIME.

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Spot on. Console - ‘there’s a massive issue with the game and it’s destroying the players’. We’ll look into it. We have, there’s nothing wrong.
PC mobile, ‘there’s a massive issue with the game and it’s destroying the players’. We have been looking at the issue very closely and have been extensively testing and we’ll make adjustments ASAP.
No wonder console players feel like third rate citizens.


I read somewhere in xbox 360 and ps3 days. That MS charged 10k dollar for pushing a update. Maybe that has something to do with only server side fixes on consoles.

I had same idea and the cool thing is I think this would actually bring more money into game because people who are not VIP would have a better reason to get there!

My Idea was to start rewarding VIP at VIP 5 so IF YOU ARE VIP 4 you get other keys not VIP! At VIP 5 you would get 5 VIP keys at weekly reset and if you are 20 you would get 20! I think this would be very easy for the economy of the game! Giving them daily they probably are not going to do! We have to be reasonable I think!


I like Rojo’s suggestion a lot. VIP 5 seems like a nice starting point. They’re the 1st ones with access to VIP chests so that seems like the VIP level where the gem-nerf starts hitting hard. 1 VIP key per VIP level per week seems very reasonable. So a VIP 5 would get 5 on reset, a VIP 10 would get 10, etc. It’s a nice way to reward the most financially-active players without really throwing the general economy into chaos.

An extra VIP key a week might also incentivize players who are close to being bumped up to the next level to spend that little extra cash. If I were only $10 away from an extra VIP key a week, I’d throw that money down in a heartbeat. It’s an excellent incentive. The reward being a key instead of gems also somewhat inoculates this group from the negative effect of future changes to the gem-economy. That could give the devs some peace of mind about potentially alienating their most important financial backers.