VIP Player Benefits

Why do they give you Glory Keys when you can get those yourself fighting & they are so plain … We are paying & supporting the game so why not receive VIP Keys for THE VIPs! I am relatively new to GOW but this is not right.


This has come up several times and, as far as I’m aware, has never gotten dev acknowledgement. So I don’t foresee it changing. It would make sense, though. *shrug*

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I’ve always thought they should give VIP keys instead of glory keys. There is no way they’ll convince me that giving 3 or 4 VIP keys a day breaks the game economy.


Maybe you forgot the /s at the end of your statement? 135 or 180 gem value everyday is extremely generous.

I am not VIP, and I still fully support this. I can take 5 mins to play a map and get anywhere from 2-10+ glory keys per map. I mean, if someone is paying money to support the game, they deserve a little extra (as long as it isn’t a “VIP only card” or something along those lines). I see a lot of people talking about swapping out the glory/gems keys for VIP keys and I’m all about it. Let’s reward those players that keep the servers up for the rest of us!!

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The reason why i find this idea more attractive at the moment is due to the new play modes.

Raid, Invasion and Bounty, even using only a sensible amount of gems doesn’t allow to run 10 VIP chests unless on guild war weeks.

I’m sure any VIP player who belong in a medium rank guild and not end player will have the same issue.

That’s $15 to $20 item shop value each day, right? Which you would be able to collect as long as the game is running. Looking at this from a business point of view, buying it directly would probably have a price tag of at least $20000 attached, a generous discount already applied. You are not buying directly though, you are getting VIP rewards as a bonus to a purchase you received goods for, so you’d probably have to buy much more to receive a $20000 gift. Good luck with that.

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How about something more moderate, like 1 VIP key every day for each VIP rank… or per week.
It is a bit ridiculous that they think some free so (worthless) and a less than .05% chance from other chests at a mythic is a good return.


Buy the cheapest item on sale and receive a VIP key valued at $5 each week forever? I suspect they might not warm up much to that proposal.

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Einstein you get them FOR FREE FROM TASKS… So what’s a little more for someone who has ACTUALLY SPENT CASH???

You do? Is that a console feature? I’ve never received VIP keys from tasks.

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Oh my bad. Not VIP keys but you still get a ton of gem keys for free.

Number 1: I don’t buy their “gem value” construct.
Number 2: The number of VIP keys could be adjusted. That isn’t the point. The point is that it makes more sense to me to get a VIP key as a gift for being a VIP player than getting a glory key.

1 VIP key makes more sense than 4 glory keys, imho.


Keep in mind console may have tasks but we don’t get redeem codes, that in my opinion is a fair trade off.

I believe @Icarium81’s suggestion for Weekly Vip Keys based on your Vip Level has merit, it would need just a small tweak for Vip 1 system, as pointed out by @Fourdottwoone, from this point (if implemented) forward (future purchases only) making it a bit more expensive to get/reach, but on the other hand it would also make the whole Vip System more appealing, which could certainly atract more players into it.

It’s possible to discuss and find a reasonable middle ground people. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nobody does, it’s the metric their business operates on though. There just isn’t any way you could argue against it and win, it’s more than set in stone.

I seem to recall you get gem keys at high VIP levels. For VIP keys, I could possibly imagine them handing out a low amount whenever reaching a higher VIP level, because that’s a one-time gift. And that would likely still require a lot of petitioning and goodwill to have a chance at getting implemented.

MTX games absolutely do not use advertised value as a metric of success, since it’s arbitrary and meaningless. Metrics include:

  • ARPU (average revenue per user)
  • ARPPU (average revenue per paying user)
  • Conversion rate (percentage of people who convert from free players to cash-spending players)
  • Churn rate (“finished” player loss compared to new player start)

Players’ spending, in real dollar terms, drives ARPU and ARPPU. Ability to convince players to drop any amount of money drives conversion rate (and helps bridge the “penny gap”). The pretend values applied to imaginary items simply aren’t a factor. If giving out VIP keys as VIP rewards caused free players to start spending, or it caused spending players to spend a little more, then it would be objectively a success.


Oh, I’m well aware of that. I have no intention of boxing windmills.

As a VIP 9 player, I just wanted to toss out my opinion that I would rather get a VIP key than a glory key as a membership gift. Will the devs ever listen to these threads? I doubt it. However, it doesn’t hurt to give an opinion.


To play devil’s advocate, I find this discussion intriguing considering the number of accusations and general outcry that the game is heading toward play to win, yet here adding VIP keys to VIP rewards would certainly push the game over the top in that direction.

The 2nd “flaw” with this is that a large number of people leave due to boredom because they’ve finished everything there is to do and all that’s left is the grind to stockpile more resources to auto level/trait each new troop & kingdom. The addition of VIP keys would only serve to speed up this turnover. As a business owner myself with the plan to stay in business for a long time, I don’t want my customers dropping a ton of money today and then disappear forever. I want my revenue stream to be more spread out & predictable over time.

And if the total amount those players spend extra is less than they would have spent not receiving VIP keys then it’s subjectively a failure. I believe there’s a lot of things in the item shop that would no longer sell, or at least sell as well, with an abundance of free VIP keys around. And while I have no experience in running a business, I’m quite convinced they do, and they seem to have reached the same conclusion.

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