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Solution to the lack of "Gems" problem?

IDK if this is a bad idea but I was thinking, why not remove completely the gem keys and give the players the equivalent in gems.
That way you can choose what to buy, so if you re a VIP 5 you can spend it on chests, or if youre a hardcore GW player spend it on sentinels or if you re a low/mid player use it on gem chests and so on. You dont have to increase the gem benefits AND you give the player the right to choose.
Do the same with glory.



i suspect devs would recalculate the keys-> gems into less then it currently calculates when buying keys with gems
i think the long shot it (if that calculation went as i suspect) wouldnt make happy any of the player groups you mentioned

and then they probably cant caluclate it “equal” as then it would be giving us “too much of a gem value”

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Which is strange because when they converted Gems to Gem Keys, I believe they did exactly this? Or has the formula been mathed out to show differently? Keeping up with the forums has been a little intense the past 24 hours.

I love this idea!
But I love it with the understanding I would get the equivalent gems, but @Annaerith makes a great point… :thinking:

It would be interesting for somebody with the time and inclination to do the math on this, if we got the equivalent of those keys in the form of actual gems what would we receive?

And to address Annareith’s point, I would use the price per key based on the 50 pack as that is the cheapest (ie- fewest gems) value for the keys.

I will try to get to it later, if nobody takes the initiative and does so before me…


Very interesting…

its the shop policy to always make profit

you cant expect to to both a->b and b->a be true in a shop xD

you can only get:
(extra +a) -> b
and (extra +b ) -> a

we dunno the “extra” in the exation but if you are going to resell b then it will return just the “a” not the “a +extra”…

and sorry i hope someone else will explain it in a human way, too tirred and i g2g

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You` re right, maybe “equivalent” is not the word I should have used.
Maybe get like 5 gems per key or a way to craft gems with those keys at a 2:1 ratio.

Three questions:

  1. How much gold does it cost to purchase 50 gold keys?
  2. How much glory does it cost to purchase 50 glory keys?
  3. How many gems does it cost to purchase 50 gem keys?

I have stockpiles and the raw amounts are not displayed and my memory is not so good.

Thanks in advance!

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15k gold
1k glory
450 gems



Ok so after some number crunching… using the 50 packs as the value factor.

If each gem key were removed the “equivalent” value would be 9 gems per key removed. I believe the latest count had us still earning 80 gem keys which would equal…

720 additional gems! Which with the 390 remaining would be 1,110 but since you pay for freedom of choice in the marketplace I would be more than happy reducing that to 1000 gems earned each week from Guild Tasks!

This same formula could be applied to glory awarding pure glory rewards which people could then use as they see fit.

336 glory keys @ 20 glory per key would be…
6720 glory! Plus the 360 glory we already receive

7080 glory, which given freedom of choice tax could easily be reduced to 6000 glory per week earned in Guild Tasks.

I like this alot!! It is CHEAPER for the devs, puts less resources in play, but gives much more control over where resources are spent to the player!!



I like it!

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TY so much for making the math on these.
I know this will never happen but still I guess that is better to discuss things like this that crying and hating on the devs.

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I think this is a great idea! How I would choose to spend resources changes as I progress through the game - why not just pay out in resources that can be used in different ways that I choose? Thanks for posting!


what i meant is like this:

gow shop:

pay 450 gems to get 50gem keys

if that shop also had the opposite option, for example
pay 50gem keys to get x gems then then our actual gem and gem key value in relation to each other would be something like this:

( 450 + x ) /2 gems = 50 gem keys

more or less you could guess the x in the shop would be something like 225 or less (or even a lot less) gems, so the actual gem value for gem keys would be… 450+225 /2 /50 which is 6,75 (or less) gem per a key

but i think it doesnt matter since giving even this many gems into the market is probably not acceptable.
gem keys have a “restricted” value since they can only bring certain benefits which are also highly random, gems are not as restricted as they offer a wider range of benefits to choose from, for that reason its “fine” togive more keys then free gems even if we are comparing numbers of a “comparable value”

i mean sure i dont mind getting over 1k gems per week… but if this idea means the devs will like it but implement it in their own way to make it like 700 gems a week and no gem keys to it then im hating it :sweat_smile:
and afterwards ppl would say we asked for it…