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Quit the game: 03.12.2017, reason:
consequtive updates disallowing me to work on team building for 5 months (counterproductive troop seach followed by graphic change to too small fonts) finally freed me from this addiction so thank you devs - bye.

“the game was beautiful and polished looking, warm and golden full of adventure and fantasy, it now looks cheap and cold. Empty and lifeless - in short… You have killed the very soul of GoW
@Sneakshow, about 3.2

If i liked a post it means i find it useful, appreciate it or want to say i’ve noticed it and thank you.[My collection] [ SoulforgeHistory ][ Top 50 Guilds ]( Spoilers )( Glory bundles spoilers ) [ Poll - GW Suggestions ] [ Poll2 ][ Poll1 ]( Stalking )( Stalking ) Joined game ~1st april 2016 pc/mobile, Thoughts:
“What do i do? I’m learning patience, farming patience, i need more patience, patience my friend.”
Wisdom is the ultimate value. Right behind love.”

(Poland) Polskie gildie które polecam: KOZOCZKI oraz Polish Reapers

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