Better VIP rewards past level 5

So I hit VIP level 5 a couple months ago. It’s a pretty big milestone as it allows you to get VIP chests (which are possible to buy through grinding once you’re a high enough level and have a decent guild), so I’m pretty content with how I’ve spent my money. Yeah, $130 is a lot, but I spent that over the course of 2 years playing this game pretty frequently, so I think these guys have earned my cash.

But the thing is… I look at the levels after 5 and I’m not motivated to spend any more. Each tier gets more and more expensive, and there isn’t anything impressive out there. Not like VIP 5. They feel like the earlier tiers, but those come at much more reasonable prices.

Am I the only one who finds 6-10 completely unexciting? I think they should be significantly buffed! And this thread could serve as a place for suggestions for what those buffs could be. Here are a bunch of mine:

-Combine each of the gold, xp, and souls bonuses after level 5 into 1 each. This frees up 4 new slots and makes those buffs nice and juicy (150 gold, 120xp, 150 souls)
-1 gem key per day
-1 event key per day
-1 VIP key per day (this one would be a very high VIP level, heh)
-random traitstones per day
-bonus odds for getting arcane traitstones in explore
-buffs to vip chests (get 3 epics per instead of 2, better odds for mythics/legendaries, more gold, etc)
-the ability to remove cards from chest loot tables once they are at 4x mythic
-discounts on guild tasks (or your donations count for more)
-mulligans for guild wars
-snotstone multipliers
-reroll pvp fights for free
-change hero class for free
-earn guild seals faster (but doesn’t raise cap)


While I don’t disagree that the rewards could spicying up, a few of these stray very close to what some people would call pay to win territory (where if you don’t pay the money you will fall behind those who do reasonably quickly), also the gem key per day is already implemented as a reward for the VIP levels 11-15.

Rather than focus on the negatives here I’ll give me thoughts on the ones I think are useful and worth considering:

Random traitstone per day could be nice, though it would probably be heavily weighted towards minors and majors.

Earning guild seals faster (without raising the cap) I really like the idea of, provides a nice bonus, and doesn’t adversely affect other players who don’t have it. ie it’s a time saver more than anything else which is nice.

Rerolling PVP fights for free could be nice, though I’m not sure how many people see the cost as a barrier at the moment, most people will just pick one and generally either stomp it or retreat anyways.

The VIP key per day could be interesting for VIP 14 or 15.


VIP5 is the end game ‘goal’.
I think VIP6 has a small bonus to Gold and that will help your guild a little. But yes… its not very exciting at all. I too have been VIP5 for over 1/2 year. Perhaps eventually I might get to VIP6?

Your 1 VIP Key per day is off the hook, but 1 VIP Key per week maybe for VIP10or15?
Eventstone multiplier, great
Free PvP re rolls, great
Buff to VIP chest? Perhaps at VIP15+?
Actually most of your ideas are great!

Mulligan for Guild Wars, Nope never


An easy and useful VIP reward would be more team slots. Maybe 1 extra team slot per VIP level?


I think the numbers of team slots is something everyone should have/obtain equally, paying or not.


Yea… I rushed to VIP 5 fairly fast, and then it’s been a slow crawl ever since.
I’m not even at 10 yet. Been just lounging around at 8ish for the past half year.

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I think 20 slots is plenty generous. More slots is strictly a convenience item so I think it fits in very nicely with the spirit of the game.


They definitely shouldn’t give any VIP level mulligans in Guild Wars. That is a bit P2W.


Some good ideas here as well as a few that leaned more towards p2w. Since those were already covered, I’ll toss in a few more ideas.

  • x number of maps per day- I know a lot of us don’t use them, maybe adding a chance of an arcane traitstone or some other kind of map bonus.

  • x number of gold keys per day, vip levels already offer gem and event keys. This would have been a helpful boost to newer players.

  • weekly rewards:
    extra gold/soul bonus for logging in 7+ days
    x number of gems per week- higher end reward


I was an early “pay to win” player and when they finally introduced the VIP system, I believe I started off at VIP 7 or whatever the high number was. This was back when there were only two kinds of keys and two kinds of chests and each key got you 3 troops instead of 1.

I would only buy gems when they went on sale but it accumulated over the years.

My thing is that I really like the VIP system, so many games DON’T have it. Truth is, I’ve always felt like it is a good idea to really treat the players who convert to paying players like the VIPs they are. Most games just assume that if you spent money you’re happy just getting that little extra thingy or badge or whatnot. But not here, you get daily rewards for being a big spender.

I would say that now that I’m VIP 13, my biggest complaint is the ‘all troops start at level 15’. This has made souls a very useless commodity. I either want something I can use these souls for or I’d rather have a different prize.

I had been thinking about this and I think it would be cool if the VIP program was more ‘customizable’ where instead of getting a fixed reward, you get a bunch of ‘VIP gems’ and a small menu to spend those gems on. They would be things like

+X % gold bonus(configurable by X=number of stones with a cap)
+X % xp bonus(same as above)
+X % soul bonus(same as above)
+x maps per day
+x gold per day
+x souls per day
+x minor traitstones per day - 1 gem
+x major traitstones per day - 2 gems
+x runic traitstones per day - 4 gems
+x arcane traitstones per day - 8 gems
A slot where every 5 gemstones you throw into it makes your default troop level +5

The dangerous stuff:
+x gem keys per day
+x event keys per day
+x guild seals per day(To cap, or conversely, double the cost and make it exceed the cap)
+x VIP keys per day

This way it means that VIP people can configure their rewards to suit their needs. Personally, I no longer need souls but would configure mine around runic/arcane and guild seals most likely.


Oh, wow. I didn’t even realize they went past 10. That probably changed a while ago, huh? I’m pretty sure that used to be the max. Can’t imagine how much it must cost to get to 15!

Anyway, glad to see I’m not alone. Also interesting what things people like and are adverse to. GW mulligans looks like a solid “no way”, heh. I was thinking VIP’s shouldn’t be able to go past guild seal limits because I figured that’d be P2W. But then I realized there’s no ranking tied to it. Plus you can already buy 1k at 20 bucks a pop.

This is good. Dev’s! Take notice! There’s money just waiting to be made! Folks are itching for this to give it to you! =D

I think your missing the point entirely. 6 - 11 are completly buff if not even a little overpower. You may not have felt much if any bit of a bump when your troops all went from 0 to level 5. However when you go from 5 to 10 on VIP 8 you will see a jump in stars on your kindgoms. I saw as much as a 2 star improvement. This alone was enough to make me giddy with the excitment that I’m not going to have to invest a ton of time in soul farming.

The bump from 10 to 15 should be even more exciting for me as that will surely give me another star or two and make each one of my Kindoms a 5 star reality that much quicker.

Like all who have come before you, you are asking for the very things that make the devs money. If they gave you an easier time getting the super hard stuff if you just leveled up to VIP 10, they would have a massive influx of cash while people upgraded to 10 then it would just fall off. Asking for loot multipliers is like asking for free rent from Donald Trump, it’s never going to happen. This is how they make their money. The VIP is a way they are willing to pay back so to speak to the gamer who is willing to spend an extra dime on their game.

I feel the current VIP levels are just fine. Besides 100 glory a day is an awesome sight, 200 glory a day is just sick.

Exaggeration much? If anyone missed the “point”, it’s you. It’s fine if you like the rewards where they’re at. I can’t argue against that. But I think you’re overstating your side. part of my point was how access to VIP chests seems like an end goal, and nothing past that has that much of an allure or draw to it. More and more of the same previous buffs is nice, but how much of those do we need? If you’ve read these forums (or if you’re high enough level) you’ll note some people stating how they’ve reached a point where souls become useless because they’ve leveled all their dudes up. So those bonus souls and your precious “troops start at 15” are literally nothings.

Then you make a point about getting to VIP 10 specifically. My fault for not realizing it goes up to 15 now. So obviously I meant “6-15” and not just “6-10”. But then you say people would just stop at 10… which is what people do at 5! People are stopping at 5 already. So clearly you understand the point about getting people to go past a choking point is a good thing.

Also, I’m not really asking for free personal gains. If they don’t buff these rewards then I simply won’t buy them. So I don’t have these higher VIP levels and I never will. If they were better, then I would spend more money. Which kills your next point about “This is how they make their money.” Like, I’m giving them an idea that would lead to myself (and other players) to give them more money. I get that whales already buy this stuff, but I don’t care about whales.

Lastly, apparently you missed the path to glory and growth packs? Like, these guys aren’t adverse to making a shiny deal to attract customers.