Daily Limited 5$ VIP key bundle

ive heard some ppl actually complain they would buy something but there is no good offers? so here…

available to buy only one bundle per day:

1x vip key, 3x gem key, 200 souls
for 5$ (+25 vip points?)

or 1x vip key, 2x gem key, 100 souls for 3$?

(the vip key would be usable regardless if u have vip5 unlocked or not but its just one key so may be ok?)

guys please reply would you buy it or how would you like it changed so that you would buy it? (if you would ever buy something, coz if not then no point to say it)


Maybe add 1 or 2k gold to make it more appealing and I would absolutely buy it. I am vip 4 and have and extra 15 bucks just sitting on steam. Even if it would only be available once a week. Something for the Devs to think about.

I don’t actually feel like that deal is worth it either. You already get more gems than that when you buy the $5 14 day gem pack. You also would get more gems, souls, gold, etc. with the $5 treasure map pack they have up right now. Which I think are great deals. I wish there was something exclusive they could come up with that make the $5 pack special every week. (aside from the hero weapon because hero is hit or miss for some people) Someone had a great idea before about alternative art for your favorite troops or even all troops. They could release 1 or a few a week for around the $5 price tag. I’d buy it. I also like the idea of if not alternative art, maybe just a simple turning your cards a shiny foil? I realize this probably would put quite the work load on the art department, which I’m sure is already taxed with the never ending troops we get weekly, but still would be cool.

Just some thrown about ideas. Cosmetic things almost always sell really well on these type of games. :slight_smile:


for many players treasure maps are useless, so is the treasure map pack, but thats not the main point

the main point: the daily bundle idea is meant to save time
the 5$ gem pack is cool but you have to wait two weeks to gain the gems worth off of it while this pack you get the thing instantly

so with this pack you would get something right away and that is a vip key which many players cannot even have access to since below vip5


I’ve been lucky quite a few times and got a legendary from only 1 vip key use. So yeah it wouldn’t be good for someone to pay $5 and get a legendary. They would have to completely change the drop rates for Vip chests, which would overall hurt those paying customers. It’s good that we are at least coming up with ideas though.

what do you mean it wouldnt be good? do you mean too many ppl would get legendaries? do you mean the 5$ is too expensive for just one* legendary chance or too cheap coz im not getting the point

Yeah $5 for a legendary is way too cheap. Also yeah there would be way more legendary released to the masses then should be or let’s say too easily. It breaks the economy when that happens. You only gain access to vip chests through spending enough money to become vip level 5. Why then should anyone be able to spend $5 and gain access to those very same chests?

its becouse you could buy only one of those a day. to motivate the ppl who dont spend money to reach to vip5 to spend it and in consequence eventually reach that vip5 after x days of buying one vip chest day by day. idk how many vip chests did you open but im watiching ppl on the channel opening 50 chests per and it doesnt rly show 50 legends but more like 13 , i do not think that would break the economy the way that developers would gain less money, the purpose is the opposite :slight_smile:

A) it would motivate the ppl who dont spend money - to actually spend coz of that vip chest
B) suppose to motivate the ppl who already reached vip chests level to not stop spending money (many ppl do just stop there) but keep spending that 5$ a day it coz its a nice deal?

well that was the idea…

but i do agree if the offer was not limited to only one bundle per day that would be economy breaking and unfair towards the vip5+ ppl

Yeah you’re missing the point, but I applaud you for trying to come up with ideas. Good day to you! :slight_smile:

Technically, the suggestion is 1 VIP key, not 1 guaranteed legendary.
It could just as likely be 2 Epics, or 2 Arcane Traitstones, or a Celestial Traitstone.

Besides, you made the example yourself. The Daily Gems are already worth far more than a single VIP key, so what’s the concern? After 15 days, you’d be able to get 4 VIP Keys if you’re VIP 5. Or you can pay 4x that over the course of 4 days (or weeks if it became a weekly deal) for the same result.
Hardly an economy breaker by comparison.

If it’s really such an issue, just strip away the extras of the package idea, like the souls or gem keys.
As it is, I can already imagine the RNG complaints about “I paid $5 and all I got was a Celestial Stone!!1”
Another option is raising the price of the package, but that may turn people away from “the sweet spot”.

As for the “free gold to make it more appealing”, @pinoking, VIP Keys give a bonus 2k gold when opened so that’s already covered.


When something like this happens you go by best case scenario. Best case scenario is a legendary. When people have to pay to get to Vip 5, you “pull the rug” out from under those people, if you offer the same thing to someone that pays $5. It’s a bad business practice. VIP 5 chests should be earned. The bonuses for VIP 5 aren’t really that great so if you get there it mostly is for access to the chests. You just don’t crap on those loyal to your company like that. That’s what VIP levels are for, those who pay for your game and support it. It was a BONUS. So yeah I don’t think people should have access to arguably one of the best things about VIP levels (besides bonuses) for $5. :slight_smile: Ask yourself why they made Vip chest access level 5 anyway? It’s an incentive and if they made it earlier it would be too easy. It has to be worth something.

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It takes 130 bucks to make it to VIP 5, and yes I am there, if people were to buy a key for 5 bucks they would be likely to make multiple purchases thus being good for the developers and therefore good for the game. What do you think about a once a week deal. I mean come on 1 key? I have dropped 50 and got all arcanes! Again, coming from a VIP 5 player, I would not have a problem with it at all.

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The only way I would support it is if it had it’s own separate prize pool. Some legendary/mythic you should not be able to get for $5 without being vip 5. Some things have to remain elusive in this game. Too much access=bad. Hints why I think we’re seeing a balance when it comes to guild rewards.

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Btw you say it takes $130 to get to 5, do you know how much it takes to get to 10?

If I remember correctly it’s $790 USD. Of course it was around $1000 for me being from Canada. Lol.


the intention is not to unlock vip chests for them permamently for just 5$, its only 1 vip chest. u open it then its locked like it used to be. if they open that one silly chest could as well like it and buy more of other stuff to have the access for good faster… as of a total possible amout of vip chests gained like this before vip5… not sure is it correct but dig up the topic seems 650 points is required, that takes 26x the 5$ (25points) purchase, means the maximum of 26 vip chests could possibly be given before reaching vip5, spread into 26 days, do you really think that kind of number would be unfair to the other vip contributors? considering the possible good consequences: that more ppl would actually reach the vip5 or do any purchase at all, is that not worth it? and does it really harm the vip players, i mean if the package existed they could buy it too… from my point of wiev i prefer to have more players buying stuff with $ so that the game develops more = more enjoyment for me, regardless to how much i would pay myself

once a week deal sounds also fine, i think once a day can tap more of the donations but doesnt matter, in whatever form but some form i think if that kinda bundle appeared could only be beneficial

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Definetly. I would buy this at least once a month.

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Some thoughts.

  1. Getting VIP Keys is already an option in some packs on CONSOLE (you don’t need to be VIP 5 to use them, and it doesn’t permanently unlock the chest)
  2. More options at $5 would be a good thing, (I’m not sure about the initial items posted above but the idea is sound)
  3. Unfortunately a single VIP Key would probably have to be priced higher a little than $5.