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Buying arcane stones for gold

Just an idea, I am not sure if its a good one or bad, but think I would come up with it anyway. :slight_smile:

Every week there is one arcane stone that is available in the Reward pack along with an ultra rare/epic troop,some gold and keys.

However what if there was an option for us to buy another arcane than is in the weekly reward pack for gold?
Not sure how much gold it should cost, but surely a little expensive. Then at least we would have the option to get x amount of two differently arcanes a week.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Problem with this is that everyone would want to do it and guild donations would go through the floor. I did a little thinking the other day, and the 6 x 6 Red pack we have currently would have to cost something like 400-500k gold. Having that kind of thing each week (even as an option) would put a serious dent in guild contributions.


Yeah, but limits could be a solution to this. :slight_smile:

Maybe if there was a 6 for 100k option, limit one, per week. Still quite capable of putting a dent in lower guilds, but… It stands to reason that anybody who can actually use a large amount of Arcanes on a regular basis is loaded enough already with everything else that they shouldn’t have an issue with donations.

what as a GUILD task?


The only way it could work as a guild task is if it gave something like 2 random arcanes. Something like 3 tokens and 2 arcanes for 35,000 gold would be nice.


Splendid idea! :slight_smile:

The question is, wouldnt 2 arcanes be too much for a guildtask at 35k gold?

even at 1 arcane… could add a 3 major and a 5 minor tasks… that would be COOL.

Yeah, that would be awesome! :slight_smile:

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Hey @Nimhain what do you guys think? could we add some trait stone tasks for guilds?

For arcanes, it would need to be a LOT more expensive. 10 gems = 1 gem key = 1 runic as most likely stone. Since arcanes occur at about 2/9 the rate of runics, they are worth about 4.5 times as much. So 1 arcane is worth about 45 gems. A 10 gem task is 38,000 gold so a task that yields a random arcane for every member would be about 171,000 gold. And would also give about 15 tokens.

With the guild rework currently in the design stage, pretty much everything is up for grabs! I’m not opposed to putting traitstones into Guild Tasks though, maybe not an Arcane every time, and maybe a very high cost on Arcanes… we’d need to iron out the economy stuff, but sure, we’ll that idea to the mix!


@Sirrian Maybe something in the lines of Arcane Traitstones once a week as a guild event? It could be a fourth task that lasts for the week and with tiers for each 10K golds (for example) spent like this:
Tier 1: 10K of Gold: X Minor Traitstones.
Tier 2: 30K of Gold: X Major Traitstones.
Tier 3: 50K of Gold: X Runic Traitstones.
Tier 4: 70K of Gold: 1 Arcane Traitstones.

And there are some points relevant to add:

  • Even the small guilds could gather their gold to reach some tiers of the task and get something on the event, also it adds more incetive to guilds get organized with commom goals and communication on a weekly basis.
  • Since the task don’t last forever it holds the “event value” and maybe, just maybe, we could even have a pool on the forums to vote on wich Arcane Traitstone we will get on the next week.
  • As a one per week task it controls the economy avoiding the injection of too much valuable resources too fast. Sure, the big guilds still get the task done earlier, but they wouldn’t get another Arcane Traitstone until next week so they would still invest on the other tasks too.

Hmmmm interesting ideas in this thread… but I suspect mostly too damaging to economy / making it too easy to get things that are important for keeping the game generating real money…

As @Sirrian says, maybe a Guild task that involves a random traitstone would be good… I really like @Ivar’s idea, and perhaps that same tiered approach could be used for many other things… gotta put those tiers up a bit though, or at least have a fifth one that the top guilds will need more than two minutes to hit…?

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If you could buy traitstones for gold then you can wave a goodbye to guild tasks. As it is giuld tasks only function on big guilds while on weak ones it is still barely alive cause most of the guys would rather invest in the kingdoms rather than overpaying in guildtasks.

^ That’s what I meant. If there were high-tier traitstones available for gold then donations would suffer as a result.

I’m glad we’ve gotten the idea of traitstone tasks though, sure as hell could use them. Just not Majors. Nobody needs Majors. Have tasks with a chance of Minor, Runic, Arcane or Celestial and we’re set.

I found this thread when I was going to suggesting a new guild task for traitstones.

Maybe something like 5-10 RANDOM traitstones (random just like the ones you get from TH). It could either be the same stones for everyone, or randomized for each player, I don’t care.

But I like the idea of them being random. Most of them will still be Minor and Major, so it wouldn’t hurt the economy as much, while still giving you the oppotunity to get more traitstones.

I want you to know this, look for every guild based feature request and then think about how big the guild up dates are going to be. 2.1 and 2.2. I honestly believe this might be one of the filled requests. Know that a storm is coming and it s going to be huge.

Something like this is a nifty idea!