Feature Idea - Arcane Blender

So I posted last week about some frustrations, had some people agree and some not.

But what most people seemed to agree on what how crappy the arcane traitstone droprate is, so I have an idea. It’s in the crafting vein, but not totally. I call it the arcane blender.

The idea is this - Put arcane stones into a blender, and get different ones at the end.

For example, stick in a summer (2 x yellow) and rage (2 x red), ‘blend’ them, and you get 2 x Lava (or whatever the yellow/red combo is, can’t remember).

Hell, allow 3 or 4 or 5 arcanes in. The blender breaks them down into their components, ie the coloured stones, and recombines them into the same number that came in.

What’s great about this is that is doesn’t screw with current drop rates or prices. You’re not ‘upgrading’ stones from minor/major/runic. You’re ‘sidegrading’ stones. It gives us an extra avenue, other than horrible horrible repetitive repetitive boring boring farming farming, to get us the stones we ACTUALLY WANT to create our teams.

So, The Arcane Blender. Thoughts?

An alternative: put in 3 stones you donlt want - get two random stones of the same level. Or 4:3 or 5:4, if 3:2 seems harsh.

We can come up with hundreds of ideas but this is a business and most micro transactions are driven by the need for those traitstones and I can see no reason for the Devs to cut off that cash revenue by giving a simple ingame free method to gain the same.


I don’t call $50 for arcanes a micro transaction.

I think what I like about the blender is that you still need to buy/farm your stones. This just allows you to change them to the ones you want.

Essentially, arcanes are so hard to come by that we struggle to create cool new teams without spending heaps of money. This game has always been fun for me because I could do that. Now I can’t, because the combos I want to try need me to spend stupid amounts of money to source the stones.

I have a greater than 90% win rate with my current team, and I think I’ve only spent about $15 on this game. But it’s BORING. I want to try new teams. To try new teams, I need specific stones. To get the stones, I need to spend big, or farm. Farming is BORING in this game.

I do not disagree with you I just realise the reality that for the Dev’s it is an income source and if you want to keep the servers running there can never be a way to easily get everything for free. I am a totally free player coming up to Lv 600 never spent a dime. Have a load of Myths and many fully traited troops but would love the ability to trade traitstones in any form to get say the 16 Lava I need to give my Jarl burn on a match 4/5…but in reality if I am gonna get em for free I need to get luck in chests or grind their hometown…and yes it is boring but if your not gonna spend cash then the trade off to play for free is to spend a huge chunk of real time grinding.

Now seriously, why do you think we have only 6 min/maj/runic types but 21 arcanes?

Thinning them out is vital part of the plan. Your idea is great but will not get into the game until the arcane stones are made obsolete.


Six colours for each mana.
21 Arcanes for each mana mix, ie

Blue + blue, yellow, green, brown, red, purple
Yellow + yellow, green, brown, red, purple
Red + red, green, brown, purple
Green + green, brown, purple
Brown + brown, purple
Purple + purple

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“and yes it is boring but if your not gonna spend cash then the trade off to play for free is to spend a huge chunk of real time grinding.”

This is a big concern of mine as well. I wouldn’t mind farming if it wasn’t so goddamn boring.

For me farming in the game is in a horrible no mans land of time wasting. It’s not easy enough to do while watching a movie (planning moves to make it go faster, otherwise I sacrifice efficiency) and it’s not entertaining enough to be worthy of my attention.

I am not concerned by it I just accept it as a tradeoff for the free to play.

I agree, free play means more time, paying is a shortcut. No issue here.

But the play needs to be FUN doesn’t it? This is a game after all.

Well, there’s no prize in the end, you know. If the gameplay itself is not fun for you, why would you play this game at all?

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Farming the same challenge over and over for rune drops isn’t fun.

PVP is great because of the variety. Farming has no variety.

There’s a huge difference.

If you absolutely have to farm challenges, and want to do it while doing something else (watching movies etc), then get yourself a x4 Empowered Dust Devil team. It’s not just fast, but also requires zero thinking,

Personally, though, I don’t get why you can’t enjoy the game without the stones. I find most Epics and Legendaries to be good enough even when not fully traited, so if you enjoy building different teams, you can still do that, at least it shouldn’t be any worse than before traits were introduced.


Currently leveling the Dust Devil just for this. Just need more duplicates.

I only farm the challenges while talking to a friend via TeamSpeak. That way it’s less dull if you ask me. And think about this: I don’t do anything else in this game rather than farming challenges. It’s just a matter of perspective.

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Have you tried listening to a podcast, or window mode’ing Gems of War and playing something on youtube? (also windowed)

Could break up the monotony.

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Because the real fun, for me at least, is creating new, fun and interesting teams. My ability to do that is severely hampered because to make a lot of ideas work, you need arcanes.

I get the perspective argument, I guess my priority is elsewhere with this game. It was the team construction aspect that attracted me to it in the first place, and now I can’t make the teams I want to make. I feel like a limit has been placed on this aspect of the game since traitstones were released. Sure, you can play and win for free, but you can’t make new teams with interesting synergies for free. So many team building doors open up with traits, and we’re so limited in what we can do.

It’s like all the best toys are in another room, with a wall made of glass, and each week a random toy is given to you, whether that’s the one that fits with your current toys or not.

As mentioned before, I go a lot faster when I’m not tuning out. And honestly a game that needs another form of entertainment to are the palatable isn’t really a game.

Faster, sure, but you can play longer if you’re not being burned out by monotonous challenge farming.

I agree, farming isn’t what I’d consider part of the game, it’s something you need to force your way through to get to the actual game. Replace the glass wall in your analogy with a thick layer of jello in this case.


That limit has been placed on the game since the start. It’s part of the game design. When you started playing this game, were you able to try any team you want? Surely, you couldn’t do that. You only owned a handful of troops to begin with, and had to slowly collect all troops, and gather souls to level the troops you wanted to try, and so on. How is the current situation different? Why didn’t you have the same glass-wall feeling then?


Because the requirements for obtaining and levelling then are far easier than the requirements of obtaining, levelling and traiting now. Even if obtaining and levelling and now easier because of chests, the overlay of traiting has made it much more difficult.

At no point before the introduction of traitstones did I feel forced to farm the same level over and over. Before then, I could happily farm the arena or pvp for souls for levelling. Varied fights are interesting fights. Reptitive challenges are boring.

The introduction of traits has also created a plethora of team options that simply weren’t there before. THIS IS A GREAT THING! But access to them via stones is so restrictive that it feels less flexible, not more.

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