Hero Kingdom - Proposal

I debated whether to put this in Community Content or Feature Requests. I decided on Community Content as this isn’t necessarily a request, it was more something I came up with as a design exercise for myself and wanted to share it with the community.

#The Hero Kingdom


After travelling the length and breadth of Krystara, our wandering hero longs for a place to call home. Sure, they’ve had homes in all of the kingdoms in the land, but they were all temporary, mostly taken for some sort of gain (or the gain of others), but never has there been a place where our hero can relax, put their feet up and just forget about the world for a while…

But one day, a messenger arrives. She carries a letter from Lord Luther, with an interesting proposal. The island in the bay south of Stormheim has long been a disputed territory between the giants of Stormheim, the dwarves of Khaziel, the priests of Whitehelm, and the undead of Khetar. The four kingdoms have battled bitterly for control of the island, but none have been able to lay claim to it for long, and after a recent devastating battle, Lord Luther decided to step in with an unconventional solution to the fighting. Why not let the hero that has wandered all the lands, and helped many races from all the kingdoms, have control of the island? The four kingdoms would get something out of it, of course, the hero wouldn’t be able to take control for free, and the fee paid would be divided up equally between all four kingdoms. As such Lord Luther’s proposal is this, our hero could pay the nominated fee, buy the island, and setup a headquarters there. This would halt the wars between the kingdoms over the land, and the hero would finally have a place to call their own.

Our hero begins to pen their reply……


Design Notes: I initially was planning on detailing the functions and mini-games for all the buildings at once, but decided to, rather than just explain the minigames, I wanted to actually prototype them and give people a more interactive demonstration of my ideas. (As I did with the traitstone farming proposal I did a few weeks ago). As a result, I’ll be focusing mostly on the kingdom itself, and the Great Hall in this installment, and do the buildings as an addendum once I’ve prototyped them.

The hero kingdom is designed to give the player a centralised base of operations in Gems of War, giving them access to a number of bonuses and activities.
The main features are:

  • Create your own banner, choosing the colour bonus and penalties that go with it, and display it proudly in your seat of power, your Great Hall,

  • Use the Forge to create Mythic weapons for your hero to use in one of the new mini-games.
    More details here:
    Hero Kingdom - Weapon Forging Proposal

  • Upgrade and customise your hero’s classes in new and exciting ways in the Armory.

  • Recruit specific troops from the Barracks in the other new mini-game.

To be able to purchase your kingdom however, there are some requirements that must be met first:

  • The hero must have completed the quest lines of 20 kingdoms, including Stormheim, Khetar, Whitehelm, and Khaziel.

  • The hero must level 50 or above

  • And must pay the fee of

  • 150,000 gold

  • 10,000 souls

  • 1,000 glory

Also each building must be built, costing the player more resources for each building:

  • Great Hall: Free (comes with the purchase of the kingdom)

  • Forge:

  • 250,000 gold
  • 20,000 souls
  • 2,000 glory
  • Armory:
  • 300,000 gold
  • 30,000 souls
  • 3,000 glory
  • Barracks:
  • 400,000
  • 40,000 souls
  • 4,000 glory

Edit: Gold prices adjusted upwards by a factor of 10, and souls and glory costs added. Thanks to @Ivar and @efh313 for the suggestions.

Requirement Reasoning: These requirements are designed to make sure the player has some knowledge of the game, and its various elements before adding a number more. Also the gold costs for the various building is meant to act as a gold sink for players who have all their kingdoms at level 10 and to force them to make a choice in how to spend their gold, rather than just dumping it all into guild tasks.

Great Hall

The great hall is the center of the hero’s kingdom, and their seat of power. The Great Hall allows the player to create a banner for their kingdom, which can be changed anytime. However, the player only gets one banner, so if they change it, any teams that were using the old banner, will automatically be switched to the new one. The Great Hall will also allow some level of aesthetic personalisation, with the possibility of custom wall papers, thrones, or general items (statues, plants etc) as IAPs, or discoverable as the player completes quests and battles in various kingdoms. Eg you might unlock some Knight statues once you finish the Sword’s Edge story line, or a icey throne after completing Glacial Peaks. The throne rooms of Civilization II are a good example of how it might look.

There are some restrictions on how many colours and what mana balance can be used on the banner:

  • The total net mana gain must be +2, same as all other banners.
  • A banner can only have a maximum of 3 colours on the plus side.
  • A single colour can’t be higher than +3.
  • A single colour can’t be lower than -2.

For example:
Slynthia’s Banner
+3 Brown
+2 Green
-2 Blue
-1 Red

Design notes: This was the original idea that set this whole hero kingdom thing. The idea is to allow players more customisation when it comes to banners, and try out some teams that might not have been viable otherwise. The restrictions would likely need tweaking based on some playtesting and how strong a +3 banner might be for mono/duo colour teams.

That’s it for now, let me know what you all think! I’ll add the Forge, Armoury and Barracks in the coming weeks.


I would increase the gold costs for the Forge, Armory and Barracks in an order of ten times your suggested value.

  • People like you and me, just as an example, would finish it in two weeks, tops, witthout even hurting our guild’s contributions i believe.
  • People that have been playing more/longer than us would probably “instabuy” it, so it would actually work as a gold sink/give some new use for gold to those.
  • People that just finished the general questlines would have another goal to chase and they could probably buy each section in a week or so i believe, if their guild would agree they could have one or more weeks of “free stay” being isent of contributing gold for the tasks while the “big brothers/sisters” would “patch the hole” in the guild’s bank making extra contributions. This would work as another gold sink and probably unite more the guildies i think.

I agree completely with @Ivar about the cost of the buildings.

And I would even take it further, scaling off what you have established for the Great Hall.

250,000 gold
20,000 souls
2,000 glory

300,000 gold
30,000 souls
3,000 glory

400,000 gold
40,000 souls
4,000 glory

Each of these components unlocks VERY niche things that can drastically alter the play of the game, specifically the Barracks, so it should cost a pretty penny, imho.

But in general, I support this 1000%!! I want a GREAT HALL!!! :wink:

  • (Great Hall) the +3 bonus color in my opinion is too much, quite imbalanced, if used i think the total bonus would need to be degraded to +1 (remaining options: +3 -2, +3 -1 -1)

  • (Great Hall) the +2 bonus on two separate colors is also a little imbalanced and id not allow it since its impossible to reach a a total bonus of +1 with it

  • (Great Hall) i would like a possibility to use guild emblem as the kingdom banner (even if it only means it has same symbol shape but different colors)

  • (New Addition) i would like to be able to HIRE someone in my kingdom to COLLECT TRIBUTE FOR ME, or in a way to “watch tributes delivered” to my kingdom so i would be able to collect them later - for a fee lets say 10% tribute amount penalty plus 5000 gold per day ( example: when i come back to game after 10h 26minutes - i click to collect tribute and then i get 10 rolls of tribute collection with the result being cut by 10%, and the extra 26minutes gets wasted )

edit: and i forgot to mention i like the whole idea in general a lot! that totally should go to feature requests if it was my call :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m behind this idea 1000% Although at lower levels it would be hard so I suggest raising the level cap to 300. And it would be interesting to play with masteries playing a part too. Maybe in the blacksmith, say. All in all a nice idea :+1::grin::+1:


Ya let’s make it happen devs :call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3:


Fair enough, I did err on the side of cheaper than more expensive when I set the initial numbers. But I also have little idea of what the high end players have in the way of resources.

@efh313 Could work, though I was trying to be a bit cautious of locking out lower level players if some of these building became to be viewed as “essential” to normal play. But then again, looking at those prices I could probably do them myself with a bit of work, and I’m only just coming up 300, so it’s probably a fair price.


Yeah I was a bit unsure about the +3 part, but also wanted to give players something a little different from the current banners. Could end up as a more complicated rule set along the lines of an inverse single bonus vs total bonus. So +3 single would only allow a +1 total. But this would be that +1 single would allow for a +3 total (+1, +1, +1) and I’m trying to be a bit cautious to not make these banners completely replace the current ones, but give players more options, which was why I stuck with the +2 max bonus idea initially.

Also worth noting that the only limit on number of colours is on the plus side. So you could do <+3, +1, -1, -2> for a banner and still stick with the +1 total rule. Or something like <+3, +3, -2, -2, -1>. The idea was the allow players to trade off flexibility in colours for strong collection for a couple colours. Currently the “meta” is to try and have as many colours in your team (all 6 if possible), and try not to mana block troops. But having much more collection power in a single colour could allow players to more easily field triple, duo or even single colour teams and not worrying too much about mana blocking. Now this MIGHT end up as too powerful even with a total of +1, but would need a lot of play testing to figure out a balance first.

This could work nicely, I was thinking of a system like the guild emblems to allow players to have a “unique” banner and still follow the banner colour rules we currently have (eg vertical bars on the side to denote negative colours, while positive ones occupy a more prominent space on the banner.

Interesting idea, though I think the penalty would have to be a lot more severe than that. You’d probably easily make up 10% and 5000 gold with just the extra tributes coming in. Maybe more like 50% penalty.

I actually wanted to add masteries in, possibly into a Hall of Statues, and replace them from hero level ups. But I’m currently running into the issue of what to replace player level ups with. I’ve tossed around ideas like a small booster pack of 3 cards (or even 1) each level, or gold keys or random resources, but none have quite felt right to me.

Thanks for all the feedback so far people! I’ll add some of the suggestions to the OP when I get some time later today.


:star2::star2::star2:This is a fantastic idea @Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra how bout it?:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


What an awesome Idea.

One of the things missing is troops to support the kingdom :slight_smile: I wish I could remember what game it was but there was a game in the late 80s/early 90s that allowed you to pick troops from a stack of troops - for a cost.

Over time you would have to pay upkeep and such x but also over time you would get loyalty points and that made the troop harder to steal, and more useful for the kingdom it had fealty to

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totally approve :smiley:

i get the idea but i think “total” colors should be limited, not only the plus side, i kinda like the general rule of 3 colors like it is now - like that it doesnt mess with current banner system too much,
for example +3 +3 -2 -2 -1 is totally abusable, imagine a Jarl (or any guild guardian) with +3 +3 red yellow (or red brown) - it totally doesnt matter he gets a punishement of total -5 if he loops himslef into oblivion with a bonus +3 red and a couple of fire links

thats still acceptable, i dont mind the way its implemented is up to devs, just the idea its implemented at all would be great - and even greater for the console folks!

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I love the ideas behind all of this. The only reservations I have are the revised glory and soul costs. Even as a high level (1023) player I don’t have a huge amount of souls and glory as I tend to spend 3-7k a week depending on the stones available. Souls, well I’m still getting kingdoms to 6 and 7*, so although I did have 40k earlier this week, they’ve dwindled down to around 10k. I’d be very interested in the outcome should this wonderful idea ever be implemented.
Kudos to you sir, fantastic contribution to the forum as always.

if you earn 3-7k glory a week then it means you can totally afford one or two of those buildings within one week

im somewhere between lv 600-700 and to me the buildings costs are honestly cheap, even as i spend whole glory and gold week by week i would still build all of the buildings within 1-2 weeks

i think the building costs should be set so that:

  • it is a trade off - either develop units kingdom and guild or the buildings (not cheap enough so that you can do both each week)
  • the player needs to works towards it for a longer while not just a week
  • its rather mid-game or even end-game feature

but considering im close to end-game im guessing the prices @efh313 proposed are rather well balanced

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I agree with this. I could earn enough gold to buy all three buildings at that cost in less than two weeks, and I have enough souls and glory stockpiled that gold is the limiting factor. And this is on only 80-100 battles a week, not even enough to break into the top 30,000 on the leaderboard.


This is great! I do hope we have something to dump souls into someday.

To be honest the costs are something that, if this were ever implemented, would need the input of the data on how many resources players have at various levels. Also, I think the debate is partially tied to my own vagueness on some details, and on the target for this idea.

In short this whole idea is meant to be something that everyone can enjoy at all levels of play. But since it’s also a large addition to what already can be a large amount of things to absorb for new players, I felt delaying it till they’d gotten some mastery of the game was required. Hence the level 50, and 20 kingdom requirements, although even if a player meets through requirements, they probably won’t have the resources for it, unless they made a specific decision to aim for it. Which is the whole driving force behind the costs.

The overall idea is to give players more choice within the game. Currently once you have all kingdoms at level 10, you really have no use for gold other than contributing to guild tasks. This means you could in theory remove gold, and just give a automatic increase to guild tasks when you win a battle, once a player has all kingdoms at level 10. (I’m not suggesting this, just using it to illustrate a point) Yes, you can buy gold chests, but getting 600~ gold keys a week from guild tasks makes this unlikely to be necessary. So the idea is to give players something else to use gold (and other resources, but mostly gold) on, providing a meaningful decision on what the player wants to do with their gold.

The actual numbers could vary a little bit, I just went with round numbers because I like round numbers :stuck_out_tongue: Also, and this is directed at @Annaerith, @Grundulum and everyone as well really, one thing I wasn’t clear on in the original post, mostly because I was planning on covering it when I did the stuff about buildings, is that the mini-games that you unlock will also cost you a small amount of resources to play. Nowhere near the amounts for the buildings themselves of course, but something to give more value to your resources once you cap out all kingdoms/troop levels. The amounts would vary between the games, and they would be of a level that you could play a number of the games if you wanted (ala Treasure Hunt or Arena). For example, the troop crafting mini game from the barracks might cost 1,000 gold and 500 souls, or the Weapon forging might cost 1,000 gold and maybe some traitstones or glory. These are just examples, I’m still trying to figure out what would be best for them (and it will end up being tied to how the mini games work as well, so it’s not just a matter of slapping a price on them). The balance is to give higher level players something to use excess resources on, but also give a players who are lower level a chance to engage with the content.

Short version (aka TL;DR): The prices are “high” to try and give the player a choice on how they want to spend their resources. It’s not expected that the majority of players will unlock all the buildings at once (those with stockpiles might, but they’d be the exception), and ideally players would unlock them over time, balancing their needs and wants within the game. Also the mini games themselves will cost some resources, so even high level players will have a need for resources that they might not currently have.

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in that case i would understand lower prices for the buildings that just open minigames to meet early-mid and mid game :slight_smile:

but i think buildings like great hall (and whatever building could allow to keep collectible tributes) should be something more like a luxury therefore expensive to meet rather late-mid and late game :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting idea… bit different… but I’m actually against it, it seems a distraction, and odd way of adding things that could be added in better ways…

I kinda like this… banner gets shown in the pre-battle screen… I like the art customising bit of it…

…but unclear why kingdom idea is needed rather than just a new custom banner UI…

+3 to a single colour is a very bad idea. Very wary of that. +2 is plenty. Likewise -1 is enough, don’t like -2. That would limit banners to:

  • +1+1
  • +2
  • +2 +1 -1
  • +1 +1 +1 -1
    …which still gives a huge range of choice.

Unclear until you add the next exciting instalment! Might sway my views :smiley:

Agree that Classes need buffing and an overhaul, but again no real need for a kingdom area to do this, just do it in the current class UI…

What If banners had some other function other than giving more mana.

Like giving a low power trait with no downside, or a higher power trait while reducing mana collected. Like your troops are now armored but you get -3 brown mana. or Insulated with -2 blue.

Have a banner that converts one color of mana to another, every 2 red mana into 1 brown mana.

Something to make banners just less boring, And to make the game more like Puzzle quest of yesteryear.

My main issue with this is that we already have all the banners from the first two combinations (so why use your hero banner when you can just use the respective kingdom’s one), and we have/are getting banners for the third with each new kingdom (though admittedly getting ALL the possible +2 +1 -1 banners through kingdoms would take years). This leaves only the +1 +1 +1 -1 combination as the only unique combination for the hero banner.

What would you think of say +2, +2, -1, -1?

I’ll do my best to live up to expectations :wink:

To answer the question of “Why a new feature/kingdom rather than just tweaking the current systems?”:
There is no real mechanical reason. It’s mostly just a way of tying together some new features in an interesting presentation, and to give players the opportunity to feel like they’ve touched the world Krystara. It’s about the romance of role playing a hero, gallivanting around the country side, and righting wrongs (at least your perception of right/wrong) where you find them, and building up some kind of legacy.

In short, you could just implement them as new UI features, but this sounded more fun for players overall :wink:

I like these ideas, however they might be quiet difficult to balance. One of the benefits of a single player game like PQ over a multiplayer game like GoW, is that you don’t have to be AS perfect with balance. In PQ (And I’m ignoring the MP part of PQ for this) if you find a broken combination, then the only person that suffers is the AI (and maybe your pride/dignity for abusing it, but then again, some people live for that kind of play). Where as in GoW where you’re pitted against other humans, then broken combinations, which can also be described as First Order Optimal Strategies (FOOS), become a problem, since most people don’t like losing, particularly when they observe it to be an unfair fight.

A FOOS is where one strategy gives disproportionate amount of reward based on the effort put in, it’s what leads to “cheese” strategies, and also Flavour of the Month strategies (FotMs are usually so because of FOOS, and then balance / new troops come out, which result in a new FOOS, and so a new FotM comes around). The old Great Maw meta from last year was an example of this, and the EK/Courage groupings of recent times is another.

So while adding stuff to how banners work could be nice, I’m not sure giving traits would be the best option for it. I do like the mana conversion idea, though I’m not sure if that would not be broken either.

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that cant stay at a total of +2 ! (would be basically too good bonus)

but if must be more then 3 colors allowed, id go with a total of +1:
+2 +2 -2 -1 and +2 +2 -1 -1 -1

but honestly i think leaving only 3 total colors as a standard is most balanced (less confusing, more fair for guessing enemy banners, and in general limits the benefits to the amount thats best balanced imo) and also having a +1 +1 +1 as the only “unique” combinations is also “fine” since it would take years to get all +2 +1 -1 combinations so those feel like a great upgrade for now

changing basic banner UI would mean:

  • unlocking kingdoms gives less benefit - less fun
  • gettign new better ui and more options players take for free for granted meaning many ppl will not appreciate it at all neither will have fun with it

creating a kingdom building would mean:

  • unlocking kingdoms still gives the flags that new players can collect and be happy about
  • building that players can work to unlock will be a fun achievement and a driving goal, players will feel rewarded with the new flag feature instead of just having it for granted, creates possibly much more fun delivered that way