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Hey guys it's ya boy Pablo aka Pabloskee

I am a gem addict and an avid zombie player (Call of duty and waiting on that new left for dead!!)

I am an Unrepenant loyal and currently doing what I can to help our sister guild, Purgatory succeed! I have been a member of Unrepenant since I was level 9 and we started Purgatory on November 2016.

I also make music and will probably start a soundcloud soon, I promise I'm not terrible ( alternative hip hop and r&b )

Born and raised in the Bay Area: Oakland, San fransisco, Bakersfield you name it! But I live in Raleigh North Carolina currently... it's pretty chill here too (Go Raiders​:skull_crossbones:️ Go Panthers​:leopard:)

I'm not in school right now so I'm doing as much as I can to not feel like a bum lol

Add me on PSN: Pabloskee