Hero Kingdom - Weapon Forging Proposal

While this is designed around the Hero Kingdom Proposal I posted a few weeks ago, it can also stand on it’s own if needed, hence why it’s in it’s own topic, rather than being added to the other one. It also helps keep each section clear and focused. I have linked this in the original kingdom thread though.

#The Forge - Weapon Forging

Once the player has built the forge, they gain access to a new mini-game for weapon forging. This game allows players to craft a variety of weapons, while also determining their mana colours, cost and rarity (up to and including Mythic).

Each play would have a cost associated with it, similar to Treasure Maps or Arena. My initial thoughts are:

50,000 gold
1,000 souls

The cost is mostly there to discourage players from just constantly starting and abandoning mini-games to get a good board start to get a specific colour/rarity.

Weapon Types
At the start the player decides what kind of weapon they want to create from a list. 4 examples are included in the prototype but more could be added in the future (similar to how we see new weapons arriving with each new kingdom). The actual damage that these weapons deal will be defined by the rarity the player achieves during the game. (Hence why they list X as the damage in the original description.

Game Rules
Number of turns: 15 - No extra turns awarded
Match gems as you would normally in a game.
The highest mana level at the end will define the mana colour of the weapon. If you managed to get more than 1 within 2 (ie up to +/-2) of the same level, you will get a Double, Triple or Prismatic mana colour depending on how many you manage to get within the range (No quad or quint colours though, sorry).
Higher number of gems collected will result in a lower mana cost. Mana cost ranges from 30 down to 12.
The number of skulls you collect defines the rarity of the weapon.

Design Notes: I purposly didn’t want to add extra turns in to try and avoid games going on forever / a long time as we see in Treasure Hunts. I initally started with only 10 turns to play, but initial feedback suggested this wasn’t enough without extra turns. Hence, the total number was increased to 15. The overall scaling/duration of the game still needs a lot of fine tuning based on player testing and feedback. Currently I feel it’s a little too easy to get the lowest mana cost, but my previous implementation had it as too hard, so the curve will have to be fine tuned over time.

Also the damage numbers for weapons are mostly placeholders to illustrate how the damage might change based on rarity, so shouldn’t be taken as balanced examples. Other possibilities for rarity scaling could be adding a status effect when reaching Legendary or Mythic rarity

Known Bugs:

  • Game doesn’t check for available moves. So if there are no more legal moves, the player is forced to restart the game (Restart button is available at all times for this reason.) Ideally the board would reshuffle itself like it currently does in the main game, I just haven’t managed to implement that in this prototype yet.

  • Images for Common Scythe and Mythic Spear are not Scythes or Spears respectively. This is due to the fact the main game doesn’t actually have any common scythes or hero spear weapons (which are the only weapons with mythic backgrounds at the moment), so no art exists in the game files for those. I improvised with other weapon images.

  • Skulls aren’t very “forge-like”. Ideally these would be replaced with a anvil or hammer image instead. I just couldn’t find anything I liked in the game files. The anvils from Puzzle Quest 1 are a good example of what might replace the skulls.

Download Link:
Weapon Forging Mini-Game

Link back to orginal Hero Kingdom Proposal:


Hope the link works.

What they’re trying to do with consoles as far as data / executable code would allow them to do things like custom weapons or even custom creatures.

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Uh what? That has nothing to do with any of this.

Someone has been hitting the sauce extra hard again I see.


Love your subtitle name!


Kinda long, but crispy! :wink:


on what depends the weapon damage and on what depends the rarity?

Rarity is defined by the number of skull collected. (I don’t know how I missed that in the original post… will fix that, thanks for the heads up)

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  • will it be only one weapon possible to own at a time?
  • will the new weapon overwrite the old weapon as soon as we finish the minigame or will we be prompted to choose either old or new one?
  • how about gem porchases for extra “custom weapon slots” to keep more then one at a time?

My idea was you could have as many different weapons as you’d like, though maybe an overwrite mechanism is the colours are the same and mana cost is better (at same or better rarity). If there were the overwrite part, then it would be a prompt as to which you’d want to keep.

I actually really like this idea, as it could provide the devs with a way to monetize the feature if they ever decided to do something like this. (And monetization is something Sirrian has talked about in the recent GW sneak peeks) You could start with 1, and get up to 5 by upgrading the forge with ingame currency (gold, souls etc), and then anything beyond 5 would be gems.

If it did go down the route of a limited number of slots for weapons, then you would be prompted after the minigame finishes as to which weapon you want to keep/discard (or maybe disenchant for minor currency returns like we can with troops at the moment).

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actually i think any slots above 1 free weapon should already cost gems as the sole existence of those custom weapons undermines the income from regular weapons that devs already put their resources in, one feature/item shouldnt undermine economical value of another

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True, that could work as well.

overall the weapon forging idea and mechanics is great :smiley: i like it, its fun to make weapons and there is a chance to “eventually” craft your “perfect” weapon for the dream team :grin:

ps, how do you scale damage on those weapons?

i think i saw 1:1 (could be wrong) skull ratio on all, shouldnt it be something like:

aoe 1:2
split aoe 1:1
single target 1:1
random single target x1,5

  • hero magic ?

(maybe the rates are wrong, i just mean they should differ a bit per weapon type?)

The damage on the weapons in the prototype is fixed based on the rarity. Bows get +5 damage per rarity level, scythes get +3, spears get +6, and wands get +7.

I didn’t focus too much on weapon damage scaling as that’s something that is easily modified on a per weapon basis. So you could get something like this in future updates:

So the scaling of each individual weapon could be tweaked based on how powerful the weapon itself is, and it would be up to the discretion of the devs as to how they wanted damage to scale. (I’m sure they have their formulas etc for weapons already)

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may i ask how many skulls is (for now) needed for each rarity? :grin:

It should be every 5 is a new threshold. So 0-4 is Common, 5-9 is Rare etc.

It’s something that is reasonably easily tweakable if needed. I’ve managed Legendary in my testing, but I’m not sure anyone has managed Mythic yet to my knowledge.

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cough shameless plug. With the game down at the moment, if anyone has a hankering to keep matching gems, feel free to check out the prototype in this thread and let me know what you think!

I just tried it, got this spear on 2nd try hehe. I had tor restart at the first try because there was no more moves.

Btw, why its mana is not Purple/Yellow/Red? Those 3 are the highest. Also how many skulls to create legendary and mythic weapon?

Woot! Got legendary scythe. :grinning:

Fun idea, i am impressed with the amount of thought you put into it and i really hope the Devs explore this kind of feature in the future (crafting is on the way for 3.1, so fingers crossed it will not just be about stone conversions).
Though without any extra turns or some other mechanic to actually game the forge, rarity/power of the weapon is pretty much 100% determined by how many skulls the AI feels like droping on the board. Anyways, good work keep them ideas coming! :slight_smile:

Hmm that’s a side effect/bug of how I check mana gained. Basically as long as you’re within 2 of the highest it’s considered for the mana colour. So 9 red, 8 blue and 7 green (rest zero for this example) would give a red/green/blue tri colour. I figured getting multiple colours to land exactly on the same number would be too difficult (especially for prismatic), so I made sure there was some leeway / margin of error. And when there are 4 or 5 colours that are valid for the mana cost (like in your case) it picks three of them at random. In hindsight I should have it check if there are a number of them that are equal to the highest first.

I’ll have to double check the thresholds and get back to you, since my previous post on the doesn’t seem to match the number of skulls you collected.