Hero Kingdom - Weapon Forging Proposal

I’ve tried many times and the highest rarity I could craft was legendary, lots of it. I think I figured how many skull it takes to create legendary one, it’s 16+ right?
It’s kinda really hard to create a mythic without extra turn from 4/5 gem matches, I think. But that’s understandable, mythic should be hard to obtained XD.

Basically this ^

Also I think I found a bug where the gems drop didn’t automatically matched.

Anyway it’s fun. I, for one, enjoyed playing it. Kudos to you for putting so much effort and thought on this!

Yup, I’m aware of this. There are two things to this. One is that technically there is a limited number of times needed to play this game to get all the weapons you want. There is a fixed end point (all prismatic/mythic weapons at lowest cost), unlike something like Treasure Hunt which doesn’t. And while this end point is almost impossible to hit, if it was easier to get the rarity/mana cost or colour you wanted then people would just get the specific weapons they wanted in a few games and then just not bother with the play mode anymore. Randomness adds a bit of uncertainty to it. Albeit I do admit, having a little more control over things might be nice.

The other part, which I mention in the OP, is that I really didn’t want to add extra turns due to the issue we see with Treasure Hunt where people feel like it takes too long because you want the extra turns to maximize your returns, but they also extend the duration of the game to lengths that most people don’t want to bother with. So I think, if I were to find a solution to this, it would be in other ways to affect the board, rather than just adding extra turns.

I’ve been chasing that bug for ages and thought I’d finally fixed it… Does it always happen? or only occasionally? Is it only on horizontal drops? or do vertical ones do it as well?

Cheers to both of you (and @Annaerith since I don’t think I thanked her) for taking the time to give it a try and providing feedback!


bump in hope that crafting system will have some kind of minigames in!
i really liked this idea :slight_smile: