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Suggestion for new kingdom

Lost Kingdom of Atlantis.
The kingdom under the sea.
Ruled by the Legendary or possibly Mythic King Neptune. With his harem of mermaids.
Sharks, whales, electric eels…giant octopus…
The possibilities are endless.


A water-themed kingdom is next (but it’s more pirate-y than Atlantis-y).


How about mount olymbus with the 12 gods as troops

Ancient Greek mythology. I like it.

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I like the idea of making suggestions for the Kingdoms.

I have some suggestions that might not be as popular, but here goes: If they can have a ‘mech’ kingdom in the “fantasy” world, then maybe we should have a gunslinger kingdom like Stephen King’s series of novels with fantasy gunslinging? Imagine a legendary trait that did AoE damage before the match started or similar?

Other less popular fantasy suggestions:

A fairy kingdom. You can throw in some Nutcracker references around the holidays.

A unity Kingdom where “All races and species are equal” and it doesn’t actually have a theme as much as a mix and match of creatures from other kingdoms.

A vegetable kingdom made of plant creatures - what if a whole kingdom becomes stronger during the summer?

A mineral kingdom made of mineral creatures with all sorts of weird gem powers that mess with the board in ways that aren’t done yet like an mythic whose ability makes only the three colors he uses drop for a few turns or similar odd ideas.

I want to see a wind kingdom as after the water kingdom, we’ll have all the other elements covered (fire = Blighted Lands, ice = Glacial Peaks, earth = Khaziel, nature = Maugrim/Thorns/Scales/Zhul’Kari, water = newness ). I could imagine a major theme of air being haste/speed, flying, and potentially knockaround effects (imagine a Legendary whose third trait is something like: Swap two random enemies and drain 1 mana from each on 4 or 5 gem matches).


A Western theme with gunfighters, bad guys, good guys

Sounds great.
Still really want to see an underwater kingdom.
Add some deep see divers, a submarine.
Perhaps I am influenced by the fact I am out fishing as I post this and I can both see sea lions and hear them barking :sunglasses:As we troll past rocks with a lighthouse…
Life when I am not playing GoW :laughing:

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Love this idea!

Don’t we already have zeus as a card though?

A kingdom of forum members… already have my team thought out

A kingdom of BlackRhino’s. Beat that. His attack is the almighty “Lmfao” and it instantly wipes your team and deletes your account.


Give him Empowered and make Lmfao a team wipe with a 50/50 chance of either deleting your account or buying you deathknight armour?


Now we’re talking! The kingdom boss would be BlackRhino evolved and “Lmfao” gets upgraded to LMFAO. This attack is SO powerful that it causes glory keys to drop his guild mates deathknight armour and mythics with a 100% chance.

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And if you beat him he randomly comes back mid match


You guys are hilarious. I love it!

But hey! This was supposed to to be about the Lost Kingdom of Atlantis. Under the sea. No black rhinos there :sunglasses:

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Maybe we could change the title to ‘Suggestions for new kingdoms’ :grinning:

Atlantis sounds brill.


I love the Atlantis/Underwater themed kingdom. It really would allow for some new character types.

Beyond that, I would love to see a Martial Arts/Monk themed kingdom:
Grand Master- drain enemies mana and cast their spell (legendary?)

And a Native American/ Aboriginal themed
Sacred Shaman- enhances all stats to all allies of selected type (legendary)

Just some ideas off the top of my head… :wink:


Can we just get a kingdom of spiders to burn?