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New kingdom Idea: Pirate Kingdom! Yarrrgh

I was thinking a water based kingdom, like an ocean shanty town with buccaneers and whatnot… and a jolly good rum drinking quest line.

Would love to see more pirates in the game :slight_smile:


I would vote for this X1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


Also I would like to see a troop of the great kraken or giant squid or giant octopus. Great white shark too. Full nautical theme.

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And this kingdom should have mermaids so we get the aforementioned promise of merfolk. @Sirrian when are we getting them merfolk?

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Legendary Red.Blue - Dread Pirate Bob
Legendary Blue.Purple - Great Kraken
Epic Blue.Yellow - First Mate
U.Rare Blue.Green - Mermaid
U.Rare Blue.Green - Merman
Rare Red.Purple - Cannoneer
Rare Blue.Brown - Deckhand
Common Blue - Cuttlefish

Leave the spells/traits up to you guys :wink:

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Agreed! More Rogue and Merfolk troops, harrhar! :beers:

Oh, yes please! Kraken and pirates and mermaids, oh my! :smiley:

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Pegleg thrust?

Attack parrot?

Projectile vomiting?

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Pirate wench. Weapon - knee to bollocks :smiley:

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That’s the Common.



It has Devour, Impervious, and Stun for it’s 3 traits too.

It also needs only 6 Mana and is Red, because f*** logic

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The great kraken- devour all. I don’t think that is really too much to ask. Also for only 6 mana that is logically sound to me. The great maw is just a baby, let the kraken show that turd who’s boss.

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Kraken should devour on hit at 10% or even 5% but his spell mana drains and then creates skulls equal to mana drained x2.