New kingdom Idea: Pirate Kingdom! Yarrrgh


I was thinking a water based kingdom, like an ocean shanty town with buccaneers and whatnot… and a jolly good rum drinking quest line.

Would love to see more pirates in the game :slight_smile:


I would vote for this X1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000



Also I would like to see a troop of the great kraken or giant squid or giant octopus. Great white shark too. Full nautical theme.


And this kingdom should have mermaids so we get the aforementioned promise of merfolk. @Sirrian when are we getting them merfolk?



Legendary Red.Blue - Dread Pirate Bob
Legendary Blue.Purple - Great Kraken
Epic Blue.Yellow - First Mate
U.Rare Blue.Green - Mermaid
U.Rare Blue.Green - Merman
Rare Red.Purple - Cannoneer
Rare Blue.Brown - Deckhand
Common Blue - Cuttlefish

Leave the spells/traits up to you guys :wink:


Agreed! More Rogue and Merfolk troops, harrhar! :beers:


Oh, yes please! Kraken and pirates and mermaids, oh my! :smiley:


Pegleg thrust?

Attack parrot?

Projectile vomiting?



Pirate wench. Weapon - knee to bollocks :smiley:



That’s the Common.



It has Devour, Impervious, and Stun for it’s 3 traits too.


It also needs only 6 Mana and is Red, because f*** logic


The great kraken- devour all. I don’t think that is really too much to ask. Also for only 6 mana that is logically sound to me. The great maw is just a baby, let the kraken show that turd who’s boss.


Kraken should devour on hit at 10% or even 5% but his spell mana drains and then creates skulls equal to mana drained x2.