New Kingdom Idea: Monster Island

This would be a monster centric kingdom patterned after Monster Island from the Godzilla franchise.

Of course, the kingdom’s mythic should be a Godzilla knockoff. This is my conception of Godzilla in the Gems of War universe:

Colors: Blue/Red/Green - I know these are the same colors as Draakulis, but they’re the most appropriate. Blue, because he’s aquatic, red represents his nuclear characteristics, and green, because he’s supposed to be some sort of incarnation of nature.

Skill: Atomic Breath - Explode (magic) gems and increase a random skill by (magic).


Rampage - Gain an extra turn when I match skull gems.

Feedback and ideas to flesh out the concept further appreciated.


That third trait seems cool, but that ability is bad in my opinion.

You may be correct in practice, but here’s my theory as to why it may be better than it appears. Exploders often generate extra turns just due to random 4 and 5 matches. With rampage, extra turns would be more frequent. After each explosion, take any remaining skull matches and repeat. Even one magic increase could cause things to spin out of control quickly. It’s very RNG dependent, however, which is what keeps the combo in check. Anyway, the increasing attributes is meant to represent Godzilla’s pattern of turning seeming defeat into a massive power spike and utter domination of his opponents. If you have a better design that still retains his iconic qualities, I’d love to see it.

i think this troop is actually too op just for the rampage+impervious

rampage should be disable-able :confused:

and the fact his spell raises random stats and you cannot entangle that raising attack either
nerf it a bit :wink:

general concept looks fun btw, just if its more balanced
but it doesnt not match my godzilla concept at all, althoought i watched maybe 1 or 2 movies with godzilla only, it was a very strong huge lizard but definatelly not THIS FAST hitting one haha

Explorers often don’t refill themselves after exploding, and they can also set up a board for your opponent so they are very unreliable.
I don’t say your idea is bad, I say that’s not a mythic level mix up I imagine. It would be fine for a legendary troop tho :slight_smile:

There has been significant variance in Godzilla’s depiction since his first appearance. Watch Final Wars Godzilla and see exactly why he’s the King of Monsters. Is my version too powerful for GoW, perhaps, but since the only other commenter thus far thinks it’s too weak, I’m going to hold off on any type of rebalance until some type of consensus emerges.

I think it’s to week for a mythic, but good for a legendary :slight_smile:
I like you troop idea, just not for mythic rarity.

I understand, I meant that you thought it was too weak for a mythic, which is what I designed it to be. I’m glad you like the concept though.