New troop for Blackhawk Kingdom

I feel we need more Merfolk troops and what better place for it other than Blackhawk. Stats can vary but the spell would not be effected by amount of magic, therefor being webbed wouldn’t effect the spell.

This troop could be one of the weekly releases on Monday’s drop

Edit: by the way i pulled these images straight off google, if this troop is used may be best to check coyright or make a different image


While I have been thinking about troops that just plain give mana, I’m not sure I like ANOTHER transform to blue. We have so many blue transforms as it is.

Cool troop though.

Cool idea and skill. :wink: Maybe call it something more than just Mermaid, as mermaid looks more common. What about Alicia the Mermaid, or something since its an epic.


yea im not very creative when it comes to names, and honestly it could change and the spell could change to any color that the devs wanted to make it, i just thought blue because she is in water lol

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Cool idea. Great contribution.

Keep in mind you MIGHT want to hold back posting very specific good ideas such as this until they finalize their EULA for community contribution. Its still being work on. There are an incredible amount or IP statutes, rules, laws, regulations surrounding unsolicited ideas.

The reason why I mentioned this is its obvious to me you put a lot of thought & work into this troop.

I’m not an attorney, nor do I play on TV :wink:

EDIT: Perhaps @Saltypatra could give an update on the progress towards an EULA. Thanks.


thanks for the heads up on that @Strat . when it comes to the EULA thats why i posted i grabbed the image from google, im not very artistic, which is weird cause im great at photoshop lol

The update is that the progress is progressing. We will be looking into it more once our PS4 competition has concluded.

I see you’ve taken an excursion under the sea with this troop idea! If you’re after some thing-a-me-bobs (like this), we’ve got plenty on the way! Those poor unfortunate souls, will be part of our world later this year.


I’m living for the Disney puns. I don’t think people will flounder too much trying to figure them out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Me thinks Ursula could be a great mythic troop!

But we already have Ursula.

Funky… but if you intended more Merfolk troops why does this one have Monster type, not, er, Merfolk?

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