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What mana colors do you think the pirate banner will have?

Can’t wait for the new banner! :wink:

My prediction is that it will be, 2+ Red, 1+ blue, - 1 yellow

What it wil look like?



Sorry, but my english is not the best. Sorry if it confused you. :wink:
Title has been changed now so nobody else will get confused.

Your English is fine, I’m just being a goof. :heart:

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Thieves’ Banner

+2 Yellow
+1 Blue
-1 Green

Here’s why. Pirates like gold more than anything, so plus two to Yellow (gold). They also love traveling through water, so plus one blue (ocean). They aren’t fond of land, sometimes even calling it a ho, therefore minus one brown (earth).


Yeah I’m with Phaethon on this. Blue and Yellow make the most sense, with the possibility of brown thrown in for the rum.

Every ship has to go to land at some point, especially for all that pirate booty.

Plus, Green is the color of vegetables, and you can’t be a scurvy pirate if your nutritional needs are being met.

Then again, Green is also the color of the limes that go in rum. Hm.

What about Kingdom Level bonus stat? I’m thinking Attack, since pirates are about plunder…

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I hope they don’t use Yellow, Brown, Green or Purple for theme reasons.

Factor in which Banners we already have and ANOTHER double Blue Banner would be incredibly lazy creatively.

So Red +2/ Blue +1 so far. I’d say pirates despise magic and we don’t have Purple -1 on a Banner yet so my final answer is;

Red +2/Blue +1/Purple -1

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Anything else would be silly IMHO

I like that reasoning as well. Plus we already have a banner that punishes Green, so -1 Purple seems like a good design choice.

Are you a goof?


My mom says i’m special.

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I’ve been out drinking for like 12 hours, ha ha. My childhood friend moves to Australia on Monday.

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HK, you’re a hero, pal. Keep it up!

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Hey brother, I just keep on keepin’ on. I don’t let the weather or the price of eggs in China keep me down. Na sayin?

Just stay groovin’ to the music yourself young blood.

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I like your posts, ha ha. You’re a sound guy.

My prediction: +2 bones, +1 skull, -1 body. Yo ho ho!