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Minor Tweek to the new Awesome Banners

Thanks to @Mithran and @Taransworld for posting in another thred and for getting me to actually type this out.

  1. The new Banners Look awesome, great job!
  2. Red and Brown banners NEED to use the Colors Red and Brown, I don’t know why different colors were chosen instead for some banners.
  3. The +2/+1/-1 should not be 1/2, 1/2 on the positive colors. But rather 2/3 of the banner needs to use the color for the +2, and 1/3 of the banner for the +1. This way its at a glance obvious what the dominate color is. -1 color on the edges are fine.

Goblin Banner Uses Gold/Yellow and Green. But it’s a BROWN Green Kingdom.
Orc Banner uses Orange and Red. But it’s a BROWN and Red Kingdom
Desert Banner uses ORANGE and Yellow. But it’s a BROWN and Yellow Kingdom.
Dark Banner same Orange/Yellowish…