[FIXED] New faction will introduce inconsistent banner

DISCLAIMER Not sure if bug or intended behaviour.

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Usually banners have either +1 to two colors, or +2 / +1 / -1. The new Maze Banner for tomorrow’s faction
introduces a +2 / +2 / -1 combination.
Game files for kingdom Id 3059 say this:

"BannerColors": [

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Will begin tomorrow

Steps to make it happen again
use my discord bot command !kingdom 3059, or any other site with up-to-date kingdom info


There’s only so many colors that the banners are gonna be able to come from. So this may be their solution to that issue. Considering their desire to monetize even getting banners. I’m inclined to believe this is working as intended. Especially since we already have. +2 Red, +1 Green and and +2 Green, +1 Red.
As always, if you want dev confirmation though I don’t blame you.

My guess would be it’s unintentional. We have other banners that are almost the same too: we have +2 Red, +1 Green, -1 Blue AND +2 Red, +1 Green, -1 Brown. +2 Red, +1 Green, -1 Purple would fit right in.

If it was +2 Red, +2 Green, -2 Purple, that would make more sense.


If they want more banner variety but also keep it balanced, they could also do banners with ++ bonus for two colors but also have a - penalty for 2 other colors.

I bet on a typo here. Ignorance rather than bad decision - this time anyway.

If only because a net +3 banner is unprecedented and real dumb …


doesn’t look like a typo, now that we have the live banner. It is indeed +2 green, +2 red. And it works as intended, as well - at least for the +2 green/red part.

Good guess, but no. At least, not quite.

There are 120 possible ++/+/- banners. So they’re not even close to running out of banners. This deviation from the pattern suggests that they want to avoid releasing certain banners.

I will update my tables to reflect the new banners within the month, but for now, here’s what it looks up to Illithia (also, scroll up for a different view): Gems of War Quick Reference Tables


Still no dev reaction? Looks like a clear oversight and somewhat imbalances the whole game, including guild wars. Very weird.

That’s a normal delay for a bug report. For some I waited several months to get some feedback. Just be patient, I am confident they will confirm whether this is a bug or not in a few weeks.

Or maybe we could think of it like this: I reported this before it went live. So even assuming it was not intended, changing it now would take away something from the players. Meaning by not having a response, we can now treat it as intentional, even if it was a bug.

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@Saltypatra Answered this in a stream. The banner is not a bug. Working as intented.

Intended to be crazy …?


It states +2/+2/-1, right? Is it providing different amounts of mana? No. Therefore working as intended.


Good to know. Can you link the stream, so I can mark this thread as [NOT A BUG]?

Around the 7 minute mark

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Thanks. Nothing more to discuss here.

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Word of advice, let this get handled by whoever is responsible for processing bug reports. It’s very apparent that the banner isn’t supposed to work this way to anyone who ever did a bit of game design, someone just hit a wrong key when entering the numbers. This hasn’t reached the devs yet, marking it as [NOT A BUG] yourself will just cause it to fall through the cracks, requiring another bug report to get fixed.

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Although I agree the banner obviously shouldn’t work this way, the devs have already confirmed this is intended.

I still bet though this was done in error and they’re just leaving it. :woman_shrugging:

If you jump to the 8:00 mark, I asked about changing the visuals so that the banner doesn’t look like a +2/+1/-1 banner. Salty passed the info on.


The devs confirming this to be intended is done through the bug report process. Any information Salty shares in streams is for entertainment purposes and subject to change. Not meaning to sound mean, I got the impression that Salty didn’t even fully understand your request.


More and more, this banner is looking like it was originally a bug that they decided to make a “feature”.

But I for one am a big fan of this banner and any actual “dynamics” in the game that aren’t done purely for gimmicky sense.

So please, more banners like the Labyrinth one… Just make sure they are intended next time. :wink:

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Yeah, similar to Lycanthropy’s transform not holding valraven sigils - “oh, yeah, of course we intended that.”