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+2 Green +1 other -1 third Banner

Ok. I have a problem. We now have 7 +2 +1 -1 banners, and None of them are +2 green. We have 3 +2 blue banners but none for Green. I was hoping that the new kingdom just might fix that, but No, it is a Third +2 blue. When are we getting a +2 Green +1 other -1 third banner?? I have plenty of teams I’ve made where I would have Loved a +2 green +1 other -1 third banner, but it Still hasn’t appeared… Comments???

Bear Banner +2 brown
Dragon Banner +2 red
Frozen Banner +2 blue
Lion Banner +2 blue
Talon Banner +2 yellow
Abyssal Banner +2 purple
Trident Banner +2 blue


There’s very likely one coming soon (at least if the working name is any indication).

Not sure +2 green is good idea with the troll/kraken meta

Maybe +2 green -1 blue or brown but it will still be a pita imo

We do need to have a plus 2 green, I’ve been banging on about it for ages. I want it for my webspinner /yasmine’s team. Kraken banner is best for troll kraken meta, or go double green if you want to maximise green mana obviously but it’s mainly about filling up the troll there.

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