Is the Silverglade banner for real?


Another purple banner? Almost indistinguishable from Abyssal no less? And green still has nothing.

Come on, please say this is a mistake.


I agree it was a little shocking, but I doubt it was a mistake.

Two +2 purple, two +2 blue. None for yellow or green. It’s like they don’t want any variety.

I assume that once all the kingdoms come out, it’ll rotate around and all balance out… but that’ll take another year or more, so until then, yes, we have this imbalance…

We had to wait ages for the brown/yellow banner - Drifting Sands was the last of the two colour combos to land - which really did suck when Gorgotha was your staple troop in most teams…

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I proposed something about that:

Let’s have a new color bonus sytem :stuck_out_tongue: .

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The unicorn banner fills Green Seer in turn. :innocent:

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Best banner i have ever had.

It’s a good banner. Then again so is Abyssal. Meanwhile green gets jack and yellow gets ****.

Soon, soon we will have amazing 3 color banners.

There is the shield for the next kingdom in the game file. It should be +2 Green, +1 Yellow or the opposite. And no info on the -1 color.

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What is with you and that meme?