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I'm making a little Kingdom for fun

I decided it would be fun, albeit inutile, to make a mock kingdom for no other reason than boredom, but I seem to have fallen short on ideas.

I’m going with the idea that the kingdom was a secluded group of monks, until a Dwarf tinkerer recently came and mechanized the whole place, even turning the people into cyborgs of sorts. This caused a divide between people who accept the Dwarf’s “gifts” and those who see them as “evil”, but due to a lack of creative juices I can’t think of troops.

Any ideas?

Why not steampunk?

That’s actually a good idea, originally I was going for robotic themes with the Dwarf and a few of the other cards but now that I think about it that doesn’t really make sense in GoW.

Steampunk it is.

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Heh I had an idea a long time ago making Primal an actual kingdom. Primal would be a dynamic kingdom that would change with the seasons - different bonuses, banners, perks, etc. instead of linking or necroing my old thread here’s the details:

"Just thinking ahead to whenever the devs decide to release Primal as an actual Kingdom on the World Map - I think it would be a great idea for Primal to be a dynamic Kingdom that changes with the seasons. Could be everything from banners, kingdom levels, tributes and troop bonuses. Primal would change at the weekly reset of the respective equinoxes and solstices.
These are some ideas that could be considered:

Kingdom Bonus: +10 Green, +1 Life
Vernal Banner: 2G/1Bl/-1Brown
4 troop bonus: +6 Life, +1 Magic
Tribute: equal mix Gold, Glory, Souls

Kingdom Bonus: +10 Yellow, +1 Attack
Summer Banner: 2Y/1G/-1Blue
4 Troop Bonus: +4 Attack, +2 Life
Tribute: Glory

Kingdom Bonus: +10 Brown, +1 Armor
Autumnal Banner: 2 Brown/1Y/-1G
4 troop bonus: +8 Armor, +1 Attack
Tribute: Souls

Kingdom Bonus: +10 Blue, +1 Magic
Winter Banner: +2Blue/1Brown/-1Y
4 Troop Bonus: +2 Magic, +2 Armor
Tribute: Gold

We could also have each seasonal imp have a particular “perk” that would be active during its current cycle. For example:

Spring Imp - Random enemy receives double spell dmg if entangled (like Swamplash)
Summer Imp - Burn a random enemy upon spell cast
Autumn Imp - Silence a random enemy upon spell cast
Winter Imp - Freeze a random enemy upon spell cast

And we could add one additional perk, if all four seasonal imps are used and if the seasonal banner is used and the imps are in correct order for the current season (such as spring, summer , autumn, winter) then the lead imp receives Leadership bonus.

I’m sure that there would be some balance issues to consider (all that Magic in Winter perhaps?) but I would love for something like this to be implemented whenever we get our purple imp!"


That idea is amazing, though you’re right when you say it looks like a pain to implement/balance, mostly balance. It’s a shame we’ll never see Primal/Apocalypse become kingdoms, but at least that means we will have more new kingdoms coming out in the future (we have a limited number of map locations)

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What about an underwater world/kingdom?

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That would give an excuse to use the new Merfolk species (which so far only the lonesome Sharky uses)

Now I can’t decide what I want to do, I guess I’ll wait and see.

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Great idea.
There is probably legal reasons the Developers can not use these ideas. I really wish there was a way to submit ideas.


Any news on the legal front. I seem to recall some talk about this a few months ago.

I know the EULA (EUL?) prevent the devs from using them but this is less of a suggestion and more of just a fun thing I created out of boredom, and a lack of ideas.

Recycling electrons:


I’m not trying to wreck anyone’s fun, I trying to help these and other wonderful ideas find a home in the game.

I think this is probably something that I could use, but what kind of environment/troops would that entail? Probably a few beasts and monsters in the forms of Giant Birds/Flying Creatures, but other than that I’m having trouble thinking of ideas, again. lol

I think I have an idea, for anyone who played the original Dungeon Defenders, the Sky City mission would make an amazing Kingdom. The idea behind Sky City is it’s a secluded mechanical fortress in the sky that floats on propellers and turbines, which is under siege by Goblins when the player arrive, and they have to defend it and take down a Goblin Warship.

I feel like this is something I could work with.

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There is definitely some overlap with Drifting Sands, but:

More djinni, wind serpents, giant eagles, birdmen, air elementals, cloud-riders/carpet-riders, magicked bubbles.

I’m thinking Birdmen/Air Elementals/Giant Birds/Mech Species airplanes, airships

I’ll get to work on ideas and come back once I have something.

Wrote down some ideas, wondering what you all think. I decided to make a theme in the Kingdom speed, as in giving mana to allies and lower firing costs with proportionately lower damage spells (that’s more for later)