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Secret Kingdom's made not secret?

Wouldn’t you like to have new kingdoms? I would like to see the ivisible Kingdoms be released to the public in a future update could be released 1 by 1 or all together. It would be awesome to fight the pesty gnomes in their kingdom or to be able to make guardians my home kingdom and this could open up for a new class the guardian class. Apocalypse could have the 4 horsemen as 1 for the mini bosses then be a team of all 4 as the final boss. This would also give Veteran players a challenge. The the background rework for the guardian Troops make me want to have it as my home kingdom even more. Also I realized all the hidden kingdoms had a background rework. @Saltypatra @Kafka @Ozball @Cyrup @Nimhain @Alpheon What are your takes on this?
I’m determined to make this a thing. Apocolypse This is what the apocalypse kingdom could look like when it’s unlocked. guardians This is what the guardians kingdom could look like when unlocked primal%20kingdom This is what Primal could look like when unlocked. Primal Primal could be right under Blighted Lands on the map. Vault%20kingdom The Vault could be right next to Bright Forest and under Suncrest and Di-angle from Drifting Sands on the map. Apocalypse Apocolypse could be next to Drifting Sands and under Blackhawk gurrak Gurrak could be next to Divian Fields Apocalypse%20class This could be the class for Apocalypse Vault%20Class This could be the vault class. Apocalypse%20banner This could be Apocalypse’s Banner. Guardians%20Banner This could be the Guardians Banner. Primal%20banner This could be the Primal banner. Gurrak%20banner This could be Gurrak’s banner. Vault%20Banner This could be the Vault Banner.

Even if they are unlocked and just visible would be nice. Great work on the graphics :slight_smile:


Yeah that would be nice as well. Thanks

I love your shield designs, especially the Primal one!!

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Thanks. That could be it when it’s on the map unlocked

Nice fanart Red :slight_smile:

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Thanks Auri

Move the topic in the Spoiler category as pictures from there was taken to make your assumptions.

The shields are already in game for these 3 kingdoms in the Troop menu :wink: .

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No it’s fine here it’s a suggestion. I’m not taking credit for it.

Anyone have any full pics of the new backgrounds? When clicking on them it shows your home kingdom instead of the background. Also really like the new Primal background, its pretty :slight_smile:

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Hold on Doll I’ll get you the full pics

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Here’s Apocalypse’s back ground. Apocalypse%20backgroundYou see it would make sense for them to make the kingdoms unhidden they have everything ready all they have to do is code in a quest line where as if they create a hole new kingdom it’ll take a lot more time and work. I think Appocalypse is gonna be the next kingdom #34

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Hey its Red.Raven nice work on the designs there Red, I as well think this would be a great idea for the vets as well.

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Thanks. Glad you agree