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My Thoughts (Ideas) on New Troops/Kingdom- Part 1

Some random creations I had in mind that I would like to share with the GOW community :}

I would like to start things off by sharing My Kingdom Creation!! This Kingdom would be call Ao’Glehr (All Glare) The Hero would have to help the “Daze Hunter” Kingdom Epic fight off an Unbeatable soul “Ole Dari Daze” She is a Ghost with witch craft and take souls for fun and haunts them while their sleep giving the enemy night mares… But, I would like to tell you more, and better details and the back story about the kingdom, but lets jump into the Troops!! :} save it for later :} HERE WE GO!!

Troop #1 Epic:
Name: Daze Hunter
Kingdom: Ao’Glehr
Type: Human/Knight
Mana: Brown/Red 12
Effect Name: Ao’Glehr Blade
Effect: Deal 3 (+1 magic) damage randomly split amongst enemies, boosted by souls collected 3:1 Gain 10 souls. If an Enemy is Being Haunted, gain 10 armor and Life.
Traits: Mana Shield, Leader, Up Lift (Deal Double Skull Damage Against Haunted Troops, (Remove the Haunt)

Troop #2 Legendary:
Name: Ole Dari Daze
Kingdom: Ao’Glehr
Type: Ghost/Undead
Mana: Yellow/Blue 24
Effect Name: Ritual Rebirth
Effect: Steal 5 Life from all enemies, boosted by allied and enemy Ghosts x3. Haunt all Enemies. and gain 5 mana. (Haunted Troops, loses 2 Mana each turn.)
Traits: Undying, Necromancy, Ritual Rebirth (Summon a “Zombie Ghost” on 4 or 5 gem matches.)

Troop #3 Common:
Name: Zombie Ghost
Kingdom: Ao’Glehr
Type: Ghost/Undead
Mana: Purple 8
Effect Name: Buganesssss !!
Effect: Haunt an Enemy.
Traits: Necromancy, (Death Touch), Curse Touch (Steal 5 mana on skull damage and haunt them).

Troop #4: Ultra Rare
Name: Daze Huntress
Kingdom: Ao’Glehr
Type: Knight/Ghost
Mana: Purple/Blue
Effect Name: Dying Arrows
Effect: Death Mark all allies. Haunt all enemies. And Create 5 Skulls. If there are 13 or more Skulls, gain an Extra Turn.
Traits: Ghost Shield (Allied Ghost gain 2 shield), Awake (Cannot Be Hunted), Curse Touch.

Troop #5: Rare
Name: Con’pul Oath
Kingdom: Ao’Glehr
Type: Mech/Ghost
Mana: Brown/Yellow 12
Effect Name: Back Fired
Effect: Explode a random Skull. Deal 5 damage to a random ally for each red gem Destroyed 1:1. Haunt an Enemy. If an ally is being Haunted, Give all allies 5 Attack and Life.
Traits: Ghost Bond (Allied ghost gain 2 life), Awake, Impervious.