Some crazy ideas by me


Hi, I am play GoW +/- 1 year now, take a look on my ideas, hope they are readable (non-native english speaker here). Please comment. They are in any way good?

-passive skill: after matching skulls, appear red exploding skull which explode after few turns
-skill: copy stats of chosen unit (friendly or enemy)
-dlc: sandbox mode, in which you have unlocked all troops, you can fight with any enemies you will set up, on any lvl you want, 4vs4 fights, 5v5 fights, 10vs10(?), this is sandbox you can do anything you want; all you get after fights is reduced experience (no gold and souls) (is this possible?)
-skill: replace armor to health (health to armor) of chosen unit
-skill: two abilities on a troop if that troop has two gem colors
-explode (destroy) as many random gems as troops left (friendly and enemy)
-skill: change direcion of new gems will “fall” on board for few turns (is this possible?)
-dlc: 1 more slots in each baner up to 5 (?)
-minigame: similar minigame to puzzle quest mini game monster capture
-passive skill: if any of your troop will die, summon lvl 1 zombie
-skill: reincarnate dead unit (enemy or friendly on your site)
-trap: mark gem, when enemy moves it… (something will happen, eg. random troop will lose 1 hp, 1 armor, 1 attack, 1 magic + drain mana)
-new feature/new kingdom idea(?): troop with this ability, when matching skulls dont do damage but cumulate like mana, eg: matching 3 skulls give 3 skull mana, skill cost 3 mana, skill is: deals damage with dauble attack to choosen enemy. (is this possible?)
-game mode: 1vs1 hot-seat, one computer/smartphone
-skill: froze board for enemy turn, he can move gem but without effect, effect will be in your turn
-skill: next enemy skull attack will be halved
-passive skill: 20% of chance to add 1 health each turn to all of your units
-rust: works like poison but on armor only
-passive skill: everytime you match 3/4/5 (eg. only blue) gems you gain 1 armor or 1 health or 1 attack
-skill: devour enemy troop, summon random enemy troop on same lvl