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Some feature request

Here my contribution with some ideas that could be cool (I made a mistake witting it on other thread):

The money of the unfinished guild task won’t be shared among guild members, this money will go to a chest guild, and the master will be able to waste it

Leveling is quite useless, so, I propouse to get a new reward: there will be shown 3 troops (like before in the game) and you’ll choose one of them, with a 10% chance to get a legendary or higher troop. This way the people will play much more.

Arena: now it’s a boring gamemode and the rewards doesn’t worth playing 8 hard and unfair battles. Change it all, better rewards, more special rules (or troops)… I don’t know, but something mut be done here.

Less weekly troops and more new gamemodes and minigames:

Dungeon mode: successive battles with your team, your team is only partialy healed after every battle. At the end of a battle you’ll have various options, going deeper in the dungeon, some options will be more battles, other campments to heal the team, other the treasure chamber… at the end you fight aginst the dungeon master, with a great rewards if yuo win. You can withdraw at any moment with your loot before this :grin:

Championship mode: your team fight battle after battle, the reward double every time, the final stage is a super mega team made with special troops like mega Gorgotha :fearful: The rewards will be over all traitstones, a lot of the if you win…

Puzzle mode: in all the puzzle quest there was various puzzle mode, why not here?¿? maybe puzzle aleatory generated by the game engine (it’s possible?)

The Soul/glory Merchant: a shop that brigns you powerful staff like mithic troops, celestial traitstones… etc with these resources, the more you pay, better things will give you.

Market between players, to change excess troops or traitstones (I know you’ll never do that but just in case…)

By now nothing more… If you imagine other share your ideas here :grimacing:

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