Boss encounters in Explore

For late game players, i can really see why this game is a more of a chore instead of a game.
We have to do our guild wars and daily dungeouns. We have to grind endless PvP. The only real thing we have to look forward to is the weekly reset, and the monthly mythic. I have some ideas just from the top of my head that might spice things up for us endgamers.

  • How about making a, say, 1% chance to encounter a dungeon boss in explore mode? It rewards wouldn’t necessarily need to be overwhelming, but maybe 5-15 diamonds, or a guaranteed arcane or celestial traitstone? The drop chances for a celestial is just laughable the way it is now. This would actually encourage exploring, since most players needs diamonds aswell.

  • Either change the current arena to remove weapons like Dawnbringer, or make a new one, where you choose from 4 different troop raritys instead of including heroes.

  • Add a survival mode. You’ll get 4 troops, and you fight increasingly hard waves of enemies. No healing between runs either, make people learn to press all troops to the limit and know when to use what skill. Maybe the top players each week gets some kind of reward?

  • Add a small chance to drop a troop card after each battle. I don’t really care what rarity or if you already got it, but lets say if a common troop that’d help me speed up the ascension to mythic, it’d really be a welcome addition.

  • More mini-games. And how about some daily quests that work the same way as weekly events? Except lesser rewards, but once again, just something to keep players interested.

  • After collecting the max amount of snot-stones, how about converting the excess ones you get in to honor or gold? I have about 300 excess snotstones from this weekly event, why not encourage people to keep getting them even though you finished all the tasks?

Those ideas wouldn’t mess with the economy, and you’d probably keep the old-timers around for longer.
At this point of the game, I do my guild wars and daily dungeon. Maybe try out some new teams for PvP.
But that is it. I don’t feel the need to play anymore after i’ve done my “chores”. Which i think is sad, because i used to love this game so much (i still love it, but the lack of end-game content is simply making you wonder why you even bother playing, instead of wanting more).

I’m pretty certain that many other players feels the way i do, and i hope that you do realize that you might lose players because the end-game just doesn’t offer anything appealing to high-level players.

Hopefully, you already have some ideas in mind :slight_smile: Keep being awesome, not many games have kept me hooked for over 600h.

//Krang, right hand of Shredder


Daily quests exist on console, and they do add something fun to do each day.

Honestly I’d like to one day actually play against a player rather than AI. That’s the only thing I would be really excited that they added.

Ah, that’s right. I forgot even though i played on PS4 less than an hour ago. It’s just a nice surprise to get a few keys or other resources every now and then, just by doing some random stuff like winning 3 games with 4 troops from the same kingdom. PC really needs this, especially for new players.

I too would like live-PvP, but unfortunately, i doubt that’ll happen :confused:

Also I actually do like the idea of the survival mode as well. I imagine there will be teams that involve a lot of buffing and looping but they could surely figure out something to make a sort of “endless” mode.

Random bosses would be fun especially for jewel drops (doesn’t have to be diamonds for me)

Survival mode: this!! finally gargantur and xathenos would have places to shine

Dungeon Boss: One can already be found in Khaziel. :wink: I doubt that a 1% chance would be good, though. I smash through three explore battles a minute. That’s 180 battles an hour. So on average two bosses an hour with a 1% chance. Event if the rewards would be just 5 diamonds, that’s still something that makes mythics very, very, very grindable.

So while I am not against dungeon bosses being fought elsewhere, I am not sure if explore is the best option. I like explore fast for Arcane grinding and don’t wanna be bogged down by suddenly running into someone I have to switch my team for. On the other hand, I feel it would make gathering diamonds too easy. No one would buy the gem packs or real money packs anymore if diamonds could be gotten through grind.

Survival mode I’d love to see! But not with troops just given to me - I wanna use my own teams and not something random. That’s what arena is for already.

The troop drop was discussed in a thread before and I’m still firmly against it.

I want daily quests really, really badly, though! Like, really badly. Minigames as well!

I have almost 1000 snotstones this week, so yeah some conversion would be really nice. Doesn’t even have to be much, just a little something.

Yeah, we do have Daily quests (called “Daily Tasks”) on Console, but they need re-balancing or something. For example, there is a task where you do 8 battles with troops from Khetar and the reward is 100 souls. That might be okay for a lvl 50 player, but for 1000+ it’s kind of a slap in the face and just not worth the effort, BUT I can’t get a new task to replace that one until I do it.

I remember the Devs saying either in these forums or on a stream that they’re looking at re-working the Daily Tasks (the rewards and what you do to earn them) on Console before they give them to the rest of you guys. So, we’re kind of the guinea pigs here, which I’m okay with. Also, I’m not certain that there is an ETA on Daily Task reworks and expansion, just that it’s on their “to do” list.

Yeah, a rework is definitely required, but I still enjoy doing them, gets me out of my PVP/Souls Explore tedium.

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Oh, you don’t have to tell me, I know of that repeating cycle of boredom all too well, myself.

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Something would have to be done about endless mode or people would bring buffing troops like the guild guardians and get 1000 to all stats in the first fight and never lose…

I’ve found King Gorgotha aswell! Although he only dropped a minor traitstone :frowning:

Yes, 1% really is too large of a number considering how many quick explores one can pull off in a short period of time. I just wrote down the first thing that came to mind. 0.1% or even 0.05% would be more realistic. Low enough chance to encounter a boss so that it cannot be farmed, but still high enough chance that it’d still happen more than once in a lifetime :wink:

While troop drops would probably be unnecessary for players above level 800 (due to quick explore teams with an average 3 games cleared per minute), it’d help early game players to at least get a few common and rare cards.

Yeah, he’s just a normal enemy there, apparently because he was in the questline (I don’t even remember and I’m normally good with the lore).

If the number would be really small, I would not be opposed to the idea. I just am not sure how I feel about diamonds. Don’t get me wrong - my RNG luck with mythics does not exist, I am in constant need of diamonds as well and I only have one third of the available mythics. But I like the concept of the soulforge basically being (almost) equal to everyone. Sure, you can cash for a few diamonds more and lowlevel players cannot do all dungeon bosses (but also not explore-farm well), but all-around, the soulforge is something where players stand on equal ground starting midlevel. I don’t really want something that is as non-RNG-based as soulforge crafting tainted by RNG.
So I would honestly like colored gemstone drops more than diamond drops.

Troop drops:
I just went looking for the thread I remembered and found out that it was actually a different mechanic that had been suggested (small chance of recieving a card from the enemy deck as a trait on some troops).
If your idea is restricted to commons and rares, I’m more for the idea. I am just not for the idea of making mythics or even legendaries farmable, no matter how small the chances.

Ah, that seems about right. I finished the questline on PS4 just a couple of weeks ago.

Well we have the RNG luck in common then :wink:
I had the idea that the chance of an actual boss encounter could be maybe 0.5%, but then if you kill the boss, he has maybe 1% chance of dropping 10 diamonds/random color crystal, 2% chance of a celestial, and 97% for a random arcane. Odds can be lowered if needed.

And yes, i was thinking that troop drops should be limited to common and rare troops. This would benefit low level players only (unless you’re high level and found that last remaining Fire Bomb to ascend it to mythic).