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Trophy hunter would be a simple trait to implement and would have the new players playing even more.

Trophy Hunter Small chance to end the battle receiving a copy of a random card from your enemy’s deck.”

A very small chance so the devs wouldn’t shoot this down…It would be a very handy trait for types like wildfolk,centaurs,and the like…being hunter type creatures…or basically any other card in the game

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Balancing a powerful effect with a miniscule chance is bad game design when limited to strategic (ie in-match) decisions, but making it effect the tactical outer game economy is a whole new low. Even if you think “No one would want X mythic so much that they’d fight 4000 matches against someone who’s set their defense as 4 of those mythic!”, guess what? If it’s easier than paying money or crafting, people will. In order to not effect the game economy’s bottom line, the chance would have to be lowered and lowered and lowered until for all intents and purposes, it’s the same as there not being a chance at all.


Agreed. In order to keep the effective rate of Mythic acquisition the same as it currently is, one of two things would happen:

  1. This new trait’s activation chance would be so low as to be effectively zero, and yet people would feel compelled to use the new troop in every match “just in case.”
  2. The activation chance would be non-negligible, but drop rates of higher-tier troops (especially Mythics, but all others as well) would be reduced from other sources, again such that the new trait actually has the intended zero-sum effect on troop acquisition. Yet again, people would feel compelled to use the new troop in every match, this time for good reason.

Tl;dr: no thanks.


I wanted to like it but… NO

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if the chance is as low as The Dragon Soul summon itself, why not. more reason for me to save money.

And here I dropped in, all excited, thinking that this would be a suggestion about getting more trophies so that I would have to do less of the much-hated PVP. Sadly, it wasn’t.

Agreeing with the others: No thanks. I don’t need more RNG and even RNG that limits me in what troops I use (for the minuscle chance of getting some troops).

I also think that this is not fit for any player group. Especially new players should enjoy the game and use new troops they get and find exciting, both design-wise and spell-wise. Traiting troops is something that at least I didn’t do much in the beginning, as I was busy unlocking kingdoms and doing storylines and not so much explore, so farming for specific Arcanes was simply not possible because of the lack of explore/kingdoms. And now that I have everything unlocked, I also have most troops and actually do a lot of explore to trait troops. But I just don’t need to get anything but some legendaries and most mythics anymore. And really, I already hate PVP for forcing me into using meta teams… last thing I need is basically some trait forcing me into using specific teams/troops in explore as well “just in case” I get a mythic with a one-in-a-million chance.

As others have said… no thanks, don’t see this working at all…