Hoard mimic....nerfed new troop from 95% skull reduction to 25%....too extreme...troop not worth the effort to get now

imo should have left it alone

It wasn’t nerfed. Their 3rd trait was always meant to be Golden Hoard.
You just need that for achievement anyway, it will never have use in an actual team.

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It should have been left alone

Just letting you know I have merged these duplicate identical threads into one & updated the topic from ‘Guild Chat’ to ‘Features & Feedback’.

As @alv-thanos mentioned, this was our intention to have Golden Hoard as the 3rd trait. This was not a decision made after release in an attempt to “nerf” it’s abilities.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


This is trash

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I understand that the traits were meant to be as such but I also feel like at least if it had amazing skull reduction it would make the effort to get it seem a lot more worthwhile because at least it could make for a great tank. The golden hoard for sure fits the card but maybe the devs could consider at least giving it one of the higher tier skull reductions like Keghammer Gorgotha or Borealis or Huanlong level at least. Since the cast is so random it makes it unlikely to ever be used strictly for its spell and 5 gold a turn is maybe ok for gold farming but like Cedric it just slows down your team too much to make it really useful for that either. A high skull mitigation trait would at least make it something you could work with.


I guess 5 gold at start of turn must be close to the worst mythic trait?


Exactly the spell was always bad and never to be casted, but he was a tank. Now its dead to ground. And yes i dont have the troop. Realese new content when is completed and don’t fools us anymore.

Well in fairness that was an error that was never intended but at least it felt like something special.

This is really unprofessional, you made all players grind to death to get this mythic that is if they are lucky enough with the 0.01 % if not less, then you take out what made this little special being a tank.

Ok. if it was a mistake then at least change it to something worth changing like getting 1 VK when matching Yellow Gems (Max 3 VK) or getting 1000 Gold when matching Yellow Gems (30,000 Gold). Compensation is a good business.

Let players be happy and excited to work for it. And please increase the rate to battle the Hoard Mimic. @Jeto @Kafka @Nimhain

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Tbf we have Mythics like War and Plague and Xaetheres or whatever its name is that take forever to get and are useless too. It’s nothing new, just another trophy troop with a unique gacha mechanic.

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Few things:

It was never 95%. The reduction rate came out to somehwere around 77.5% due to the way reduction traits stack.

Golden Hoard was always the intended third trait.

“Original intent” should take a back seat to what makes the most sense for the game and continued enjoyment of the players.

This does qualify as a “nerf” regardless of the intent. The troop was released in a certain state, it remained in that state for three weeks though people grinding dozens to hundreds of hours in that span of time for their prize. This was long enough for people to have acquired the troop and possibly using it practically. Pretty much the only practical use for this troop was “status immune tank with very good skull resistance”, a combination of abilities that is not easy to come by (Leonis Tower is probably the closest thing in my mind, which has total status immunity but only 50% skull resistance).

It was never intended to have a “good” mythic trait, or in general be a “good” troop, based on the design. It doesn’t really need to be a “good” troop. But the thing the “bug” allowed it to do was take on a role, not even a very strong role, mind you, but maybe have a place in a team, and the “fix” takes that away.

The best solution I’ve seen is already proposed:
Changing “armored” first trait to “golden armor” and leaving the fixed mythic trait as a light fingers clone would be a decent compromise here. It is still a glorified trophy troop (+ability to push kingdom power levels higher where applicable) to most, but at least it could fulfill the team role people had it in before the third trait was “fixed”, if they were so inclined to use it like that. The troop would technically still be “worse” than it was before at doing that by a small margin, but it would be both thematically correct and in line with what was designed.

I will say that in the grand scheme of thing this really matters very little as a great majority of the people that get this troop would have never entered a single battle with this troop, let alone commonly use it, just more along the lines of anyone that did want to try and team build around it (team building around new acquisitions being a very central point of engagement for many people), having found some kind of use for their neat little toy that they know is bad but at least it can do this one thing and get to connect that with all the time and effort they put into owning it and then having it be changed because “oops we meant to do this instead” is kind of bad form. Yes, I can see it for stuff that is patently game breaking, and its always better to nerf sooner rather than later if you are going to nerf at all, but this was neither a game breaking thing nor was it a quick fix.

Well, silver linings, if nothing happens from this point forward at least it makes the battles when if you encounter it slightly faster.


To highlight this again - I think I said that in another thread. It would also fit with the theme of the troop, and it wouldn’t be much of a nerf (if not actually a tiny bit of a boost).

Would you please discuss that option with the team? @Jeto @OminousGMan @Kafka

It wouldn’t hurt the game at all to do that, but you’d avoid player wrath. And if you don’t enjoy that kind of rage, that should be good for both sides. :wink:


To make this worth farming it needs 3 good traits, since the spell is shit anyway.

With this 3 traits it would fit the lore and would be usable too.


You are hired!

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Still not worth grinding. The issue is they have you spend real money to keep up campaigns then they destroy that income stream by making folks live on the game to get a mythic that’s basically impossible to get unless you get very lucky. The big issue is folks spending real money to keep up are not going to continue to do that if they are going to be behind anyway. Not sure why you can’t get some kind of credit system you can earn to craft the thing if you have done X amount of battles and been unlucky. Maybe use whatever that number is plus a few power orbs or blue orbs or whatever. Seems fair.

What you’re looking for is called a “pity” system (just the term used), and GoW doesn’t have that. It’s all RNJesus up in here.

I actually haven’t come across many games that use a pity system. Just Idle Champions.

We have one for vault keys…

Ha, sorry. Yes, you are right. That slipped my mind after years of it not being there.