[Resolved] Incorrect third trait for Hoard Mimic

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PC, Steam

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The third trait of Hoard Mimic is currently “Golden Armor: Reduce damage from Skulls by 70%”. According to the game files the third trait is supposed to be “Golden Hoard: Gain 5 Gold when my turn begins”. This trait was specifically designed as unique trait for Hoard Mimic, somebody probably picked the alphabetically adjacent Golden Armor entry by accident when assigning the trait.


Golden hoard is a terrible trait, though. Maybe someone decided it was not good enough? 5 gold when the turn begins… Meh…

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Agree, the golden hoard trait is good for the first trait on a mythic.

It’s a themed troop, like the underworld treasures. I don’t suppose it’s really intended to be useful, it’s more like a trophy to flash around. I sort of like the flavor, getting gold from a huge pile of treasures fits well. And who knows, some troops boost their spell on gold, maybe we’ll eventually see some crazy team that benefits a lot from this.


If it was higher, or maybe 5 gold on ally casting a spell or something like that.

I know it has a theme but golden armor would also fit that as it surrounds itself or is made out of gold.


Thank you for binging this yo are attention. I have checked with the Development Team and the Hoard Mimic’s third trait should be Golden Hoard and not Golden Armor.

I have logged this bug with the Team so it can be fixed!

Thanks again for posting :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


So…uh…they are going to move the 70 percent skull reduction to first trait right? Because if not you are making a troop that already is hardly ever going to be used and move it to the absolutely never getting used.


It’s a trophy. Kinda like Xathenos. Good for an achievement and maybe power levels. Maybe to goof around with.

They should give it golden armor and golden hoard, yes, run with the theme. They probably won’t…

3rd trait is now golden hand. 1st trait remains Armored (25%) not Golden Armor (75%).

Good thing it was already not getting used.

I find it ironic that a treasure hoard mythic is worthless.

Wait, so its mythic trait is simply the same as Light Fingers from Cunning hero talent tree?

(Though, to be fair, Light Fingers is worded differently - gain 5 gold every turn - despite having the same practical effect.)

Personally, I’m glad the third trait got changed, because I usually use Zuul team when grinding E12 and I sometimes forget to switch teams when facing Hoard Mimic, so less skull reduction would benefit that team. I really don’t foresee myself ever using Hoard Mimic, even with the previous third trait, because its spell is too random.

That said, I agree with @Dust_Angel that it’s bad design for Golden Hoard to be exactly the same as Light Fingers. Golden Hoard should have given 10 gold per turn instead of 5.

A thought that just occurred to me for the third trait - increase gold cap by X when my turn begins - so it would work like Merchant only continuously instead of once.


I tried using the mythic in a good team and it’s really a bad option.

Now would it also increase the amount of gold we could have then maybe.

Theres so much randomness, it drags out the fights.

Gold farming teams aren’t the fastest already. I’d rather play two battles in the same amount of time, maybe even more, than using a gold team.

It’s a trophy mythic.

With how hard it can be to get it, they could at least have made it worthwhile.

If it was a 77.5% skull reduction mythic with impervious or even 70% skull reduction with impervious, it’d be viable.

25% skull reduction is pointless.

They really should change the first trait to 70%.


It’s not really hard to get, it just needs incredible luck. If it were anywhere close to worthwhile the players not incredibly lucky (aka the vast majority for the next few years) would probably be rioting.

Okay, yeah, that’s true. :joy:

And it’s not hard in the sense of being difficult but hard to get lucky enough. At least for the majority of players, it will take quite some time until they finally get it.

So you’re probably right. But it’s also kind of lame to finally get lucky just to get a trophy mythic.

Would have been more interesting to have a viable troop to work towards (with less of a luck factor) but it is what it is