Hoard mimic... it's been 5 months since the update

during this time I saw a room with mimics hoarders 6-7 times. I do not play around the clock in the expedition, I do not specifically hunt for mimics. for all these 5 months I opened the chests of the boss in different kingdoms probably 300+ times. I can’t say more precisely, I didn’t keep statistics. opened the chests of the boss and one at a time after the completion of the expedition, and in a row from all the kingdoms. the result of finding mimic is zero…
read the forum, the players even calculated the chance of getting this elusive facial expression. and it’s about the same as getting a new mythic card for the keys. but! we open chests 50/200 pieces at a time, and there is only one boss chest. it seems to me that this is wrong.
with a share of sadness and slight envy I meet pvp players who have 3-4 of these mimics. I can’t spend as much on the game as these players spend.
maybe it’s time to make an alternative way to get this card? for example in the forge of souls? I’m already ready to spend 2 times more resources than it takes to craft zuul! but I will finally get this card, because now it is almost impossible.
or for example make it so that by opening 100/200/300/other number of boss chests the player receives a Hoard mimic card.
in either case, players will play the expedition mode. It doesn’t matter whether they have this card or not. after all, improving cards with medals is still a very long time.


And on the other extreme you got people like me that have done 34 hoard mimic battles and still don’t have the troop…

Huge design flaw…everything else in the game you have a path to get it even if it takes months or even years …


I reached the Hoard Mimic room 7 times, and after not getting it I gave up on it. It just takes a lot just to get a Hoard Mimic room, and then to have it screw you over with poor rewards. 7 times/bullets is what I could take.

And ofc feel for @foxdvd… 34 bloody times, without getting it. It kinda feels like a joke.


Meanwhile I got thr troop the very first time I got a hoard mimic battle - and after that I’ve maybe seen the battle 5 more times.

The RNG sucks.

Wish there was a pity counter

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300+ boss chest? You need another 2-3 x 5 months or more. :sweat_smile:

I agree fix the drop rate, put it in the Vault, or let us craft it.

It should not be tied to and achievement either. How is it an achievement to get RNG luck on an extremely low drop rate.


Devs have the right to make any achievement as annoying and rare as they want.

That said, tying this achievement to an infinitesimal chance (hoard mimic drop) of a minuscule chance (hoard mimic battle) of a small chance (mimic battle) is particularly insane to me.

Thankfully, we now have auto-battle for explores, so I’ve just been wasting my battery/electricity on this without needing my full attention…

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I got 1 from ios. 1 from steam. I am hoping to get 1 in android to complete the achievement.

There are actual guidelines for achievements. So, no they do not have the right to make anything they want. They can be reported to Microsoft, and they can take action to make them change them. Many developers have changed the achievement to a different 1, changed the unlock requirements, or if it was not skill based, changed the RNG rate or added a pity mechanism.

Those “guidelines” may apply only for xbox due to microsoft.
Besides none of those “guidelines” contain a restriction to RNG.

So 505/LP2 is doing nothing wrong or illegal (Besides the time wasting of the community, but that’s not judgeable :wink: )

Of course devs can adjust things after the fact, if they care to. I hope they read all the complaints and do something about it.

If that’s a thing that Microsoft does, then good, I hope someone does report it. I’d find it surprising if one dumb achievement in a free-to-play game would warrant that kind of attention, though. Also I don’t know what the guidelines are, so I don’t know if this situation is actually violating any guidelines.

I don’t have an Xbox, I only care about Playstation trophies and there are several examples of unachievable bugged/broken trophies that simply never get fixed. This hoard mimic trophy is currently 0.1% achieved on Playstation, or more relevantly, 67 out of 564 “DLC owners” have achieved it on PSN Profiles, which means it is not unachievable, just simply rare.

Microsoft did invent the achievements that turned into trophies, and whatever it’s called in other systems. Bungie had to give refunds because they change the game so an achievement could not be obtained. They ended up changing it and then stopped putting achievements in Destiny 2. If it was an in game only achievement there are no rules. But, once they put it onto xbox / PC, they have to abide by them.

I believe statistics estimate the # of Hoard Mimic drops per Mythic boss battle at roughly 0.1%, actually comparable to the drop rate from Gem Chests. The complaint is that you can save up 1,000 Gem Keys in advance then spend them all in <60 seconds for a reasonable chance at acquiring any Mythic, but attempting the same # of “tries” at a Mythic Boss takes literally days.

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that’s exactly what I’m talking about. the speed of opening boss chests and chests for keys differs by several orders of magnitude. The developers obviously didn’t take this into account.

Actually, there are many achievement hunters that will not touch a game if they are not obtainable without crazy efforts. There is a whole website dedicated to those players. TrueAchievements - Xbox Achievement Tracking There is also a Playstation version. Also, some player would even quit the game not being able to get the troop or achievement in a reasonable effort. On xbox 0.06% of players have this achievement, that’s crazy after 5 months.

Percentages are saying nothing at all.

Just for comparison: On Steam it’s only 0,3%
And you should compare it with other achievements
i.e. on Steam only 0,2% have unlocked “Overwhelming Power: Unlock a potion of power in any faction”.
1,1%: Upgrade soulforge to 20
1,1%: Upgrade 5 kingdoms to power level 15

So having on Steam 0,3% unlocked the hoard mimic so far is compared to the other achievements and time since it’s available actually pretty high.

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This has become a FOMO injustice thread.

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Steam is new. Xbox is old. Yes, percentages on xbox mean something. Steam is the same player base. Xbox has many more players and or longer.

The hardest achievement in the game is Geoff which .07 on xbox. The mythic mimic is .06.

The amount of players doesnt matter at all! (6 out of 1.000 players got the mythic is the same as 60 out of 10.000 and so on)
That’s what I ment with

And I was not talking about the currency you might get due unlocking achievements.

Check out how many % of players achieved level 1000. From my experience only these players (less or more) would even be able to find a hoard mimic and even less would even be able to beat a hoard mimic battle successfully.

If 1 out of 10 of those players would have found the mythic so far I’d be suprised in a positiv way