1 mimic chance out of 70 boss rooms?

Whoever decided this, why nerf it to the death?? This has been so badly nerfed, I was going from 1 mimic chance in every 10 boss rooms. You absolutely do know nothing about your own game, stop reading data from the ones that plays 24/7 without eating and taking a shower, THEY ARE NOT THE AVERAGE PLAYER.


Are you talking about the normal mimic fight? My ratio is about 15 in a hundred. Mimic hoard is 1 in 100 boss rooms.

Yes, normal mimic. Reached 70 boss rooms the latest weeks and got 1 mimic room. (not hoard mimic)

You make a strong point. Most people in forums are highly active (dont take a shower…:joy:) and if they are complaining about resource availability or horde boss/cursed gnome/nysha etc scarcity then what hope is there for the average player? They miss out more than they should because of the backstage nerfs aimed at slowing and/or stalling the progress of the elite player/completionist to keep him coming back for more and paying cash possibly in the process. Even campaign pass doesn’t give meaty progression boost although its quite cheap I suppose (a regular subscription; gaming developer nirvana). Its a real shame that all progress is roadblocked to such an extent and the soulforge update is a great idea ruined by shocking implementation due to the recipes/required resources “offered”. For me the forge hasnt really changed because the new levels are beyond my reach. Same with mimic. I do 1.5 plus trophies/week mainly from explore 12 and ive never had a mimic boss fight yet lol. I just ignore most new content/achievements because to me its irrelevant since I know I cant complete a game that can always add even more ludicrous/unattainable achievements in the future. And I won’t care about them either.


It’s RNG, plain and simple. No nerf, no conspiracy, no evil masterplan. Just RNG.


Based on drop rate RNG parameter manipulation aka ‘nerfing’.



I firmly believe this too. Eika’s having a looooong run of bad luck is all.

But also I believe this: random drops with very low rates are bad game design because they lead to exactly this situation: some players are going to hit unlucky streaks and are going to be frustrated by it. See also: Cursed Gnomes.

Compare Zuul’Goth, pre-GaP: also hard to get but with measurable incremental progress; you can see how many more orbs you need.

Compare also mythic troop drops: can be frustrating from chests, but wait long enough and it’ll come around in the Soulforge and with a diamond cost that you can see your progress towards.


Yet another one pushing me out in the cold water. How dumb I am that created this thread, so very stupid that I could not see what this would end up with. My brain is the size of a nut, do doubt - ITS RNG!! OFC IT IS.

Now we just need a moderator telling us that everything works as intended and I will crush another laptop screen with my bare fist, as I did in the past.

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Don’t try this at home?


not sure if I should cry or laugh. :sweat_smile:

I used to get more epic and regular vault keys per GaP and it’s getting less and less every time. Got really bad now with the odd few second lag before victory screen.

I’m having the longest stroke of bad luck since I made a thread about it way back. :man_shrugging:

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Sorry. That was very invalidating of your experience and I apologize.

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Thus more I complain and whine about something the worse it gets. So we are two there. That is the fun part. It is almost as we get punished for it…

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So instead of whining and complaining, just enjoy playing the game and be happy when you get something good out of it. And if you don’t enjoy it anymore, why continue playing?

That is a good question, addiction I think.

I still enjoy the game but I also notice things, both good and bad.

Usually if you complain, things suddenly go better. Too bad that doesn’t always work. :sweat_smile:

Honestly, they buffed the epic keys. But players were complaining about less vault keys. Last vault event, they nerfed the epic keys and put back the vault keys. No one complained that the epic keys got nerfed.

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This probably won’t be received well, but hey, for science.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, make two columns, put a mark into the first column whenever you don’t get a mimic chest, put a mark into the second column whenever you do. If you keep it up for a while your first column will end up with roughly ten times as many marks as the second column. Believing in it isn’t required, it tends to me more surprising if you don’t.

We’ve got several players doing this in our guild family for several weeks now, at 10 chests each day. There hasn’t been a nerf, just the occasional streak of bad luck that the universe eventually compensated with multiple mimic chests close together.