How is mimic room apperances this week?

Hope it has been risen a little for me to even go farm.

Seems unchanged on this end: just got my 2nd mythic a couple of minutes ago
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wow, congrats. I just gave up after reaching the hoard mimic room 5 times without getting it. biggest joke…


It is the bloody middlefinger that is the problem with this.

It takes a lot just to get to a Hoard Mimic room, and then the bloody middlefingers arrives shortly after when you have not gotten the Hoard Mimic, then multiply it with 10-20 rooms through 500 hours or so. I am being realistic. Whoever coded this will surely make my laptop into a junk soon…

Now 40 boss rooms without even reaching/getting the mimic room… :melting_face:


I gave up the week it came and with the later nerf to the troop. I do my explores someday it will show.

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10 more runs today, not even a single Mimic room. Now I am at 50 runs without a bloody Mimic room, and lets not talk about Hoard Mimic room.

The reality is that it may not drop at all even if we continue putting effort in.

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Try to get the boss chest for all kingdoms without opening them. Then open all at once. It will take a couple hours but you will have a better chance.

How does this give you “a better chance”?

RNG dictates whether you get a Mimic/Hoard Mimic battle every run.

How does having multiple boss chests available increase RNG chance? :confused:


Agree: the fact that they don’t even use pity counters of some form (even it it was in the form of materials to craft the mythic) continues to be in line with their ‘design to frustrate so they buy/play more’ policy, like pretty much every time they do not reveal drop rates.

It’s IP2… It’s been IP2… It will probably continue to be IP2…
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I assume you are willing to share numbers (like - multiple batches of chests for one method and the same number of batches for the other method) that clearly show play/open/play/open/play/open is inferior to play/play/play/open/open/open.

People have said it about Nysha - open chests in all kingdoms at once to get more. I did a few times for the heck of it and you don’t have to be a psychic to guess what the result was.
Now they say the same about mimic chests. I have done this as well for the same heck of it and what I saw was…predictable.

Maybe someday someone will show it to be more than word of mouth; then the devs will have to seriously examine their programming skills.

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Doing multiple boss chests as a batch is mostly the same as opening standard chests in larger batches – mathematically it is the same (notwithstanding further details about boss chest RNG), but psychologically it feels different to get all the payoffs (or disappointments) at once.

Kind of like a person buying 5 tickets for an upcoming lottery draw vs. 1 ticket each for the next 5 draws.