Hoard Mimic hall of fame

Has any players here personally caught the Hoard Mimic? I’d love to know some stats what it took to achieve it, so I know if I should keep banging my head to the wall or just hope I will get it by accident… Does the explore difficulty have anything to do with it? The gnome week is nearly here, so will I have a similar chance of acquiring it with low explore levels, knowing I’ll miss some medals?


On E1 you only get a boss chest every ~20 minutes. On E12 you can get a boss chest every ~3 minutes AND you get better medals.


True, it’s just that our guilds birthday is coming and I’ll need all the gnomes I can get to find some vault gold… But you do have a point, because the exp 12 fights do also give a decent amount of gold…

I got it on my very second Hoard Mimic fight. Must’ve been incredibly lucky. At that moment i had:

Mimic chest: 12/89 chests
Hoard mimic chest: 2/12 mimic chests


That is lucky, but gives me hope as I have only seen 2 hoard mimic fights so far. That makes me kinda lucky too as my sister grinded a lot and asked me today how people get those x5 rewards from Mimic chests, meaning she has had 0 Hoard Mimic fights so far :grimacing:

25 Red Chests for me. 1 x2 Mimic Fight and 1x5 with Hoard Mimic drop.

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I did more that 1000 boss fights since the release of the new mythic but never got to 5x chest (Hoard Mimic) fight only one time without mythic drop.

Very disappointed with the chances and the way it is setup.

You need to be super lucky to get the mimic battle then get super super lucky to fight hoard mimic then get super super super lucky for the mythic to drop.

Why you need to make it this hard?!
I stopped hunting for it, I will do my normal explore that is all and when ever it drop it drops.

It might take days, months or years who knows.


247 boss chests
25 Mimic Chests (%10)
0 Hoard Mimic Chests

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I hear people are interested in rates. This is what we have among three friends right now:

Mimic Hoard Mimic (from mimic boss) (from hoard mimic boss)
Account Difficulty Boss Chest Boss Chest Boss Chest Drop Mimic Rate Hoard Mimic Rate Hoard Mimic Drop
Account #1 E9 625 65 55 9 5 0 10.40% 16.36% 0.00%
Account #2 E12 568 61 61 10 10 0 10.74% 16.39% 0.00%
Account #3 E9/12 (Varies) 291 32 32 6 1 0 11.00% 18.75% 0.00%
Total Varies 1484 158 148 25 16 0 10.65% 16.89% 0.00%

So approximately:

  • 10% mimic rate (1/10 of boss chests will turn into a mimic fight)
  • 17% (approx. 1/5) hoard mimic rate: 1/5 of the mimic chests will turn into a hoard mimic fight.
  • (for now) 0% hoard mimic drop rate. Obviously this is untrue since people got it, but we had a cumulative of 16 hoard mimic chests and no drop.

Chase continues.


That is not looking very promising if we look at the mythic drop rate. The vault event comes in just the right moment, so there is much more to grind while hunting it. Thanks for sharing!

I got the x2 and x5 Mimic battles on my second L12 explore, but I didn’t get the Mythic.

Since then I’ve done some more (only about 10 or so), but only had one x2 battle.

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Got one hoard mimic chance, of course I couldnt be lucky getting the Mythic.

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Foe me still 0 hoard mimic battle even.

@gow need to play 100 hours to maybe get one. But no guarantee. I just got lucky once. Incredible that it is possible to create a mess like this.

For what it’s worth, my very first explore (E12) after the update went straight to hoard mimic x5 and dropped the mythic. Maybe the drop rate was higher for the first day, or maybe I just had the blessing of RNGesus. That’s the only mimic chest I’ve seen so far, though.

Well that is super lucky! I don’t usually tell people what they should do, but you really need to try the lottery :grin:

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Same thing happened to my guildie on his first chest: in my case I had to go 23 Mimic Chests + 4 Hoard Mimic Chests (total 27) to find my mythic, and still think I’m on the lucky side.

It took hundreds of chests to find though, the 10% || 2% ballpark seems quite accurate from my side.
:sweat_smile: :vulcan_salute:


10 chests chances today and not a mimic chest… I wont have laptop up running if this continue.

I haven’t even found a 5x chest yet and I played explore a lot. Like a lot a lot.

Looks like it will be same as cursed gnomes for me: they’re not included in my game.

Who do I need to beg to turn on good luck for my game?

Updated rates (mostly on account #2)

Mimic Hoard Mimic (from mimic boss) (from hoard mimic boss)
Account Difficulty Boss Chest Boss Chest Boss Chest Drop Mimic Rate Hoard Mimic Rate Hoard Mimic Drop
Account #1 E9 625 65 55 9 5 0 10.40% 16.36% 0.00%
Account #2 E12 725 75 76 12 11 0 10.34% 15.79% 0.00%
Account #3 E9/12 (Varies) 322 36 35 7 2 0 11.18% 20.00% 0.00%
Total Varies 1672 176 166 28 18 0 10.53% 16.87% 0.00%

Chase continues.