I am not getting mimic rooms this week?

I cant be the only one. What have happened to those goddamn chances?

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It’s like throwing yourself against a solid brick wall over and over again. I have seen maybe 2 hoard mimic battles in multiple weeks of 15ish Explore 12 Boss battles a day every day. Individual anecdotes are meaningless in isolation, but man it’s demoralizing.


I totally understand that they wanted the hoard mimic room to be really rare, but not the mimic room, as we are not actually dancing in medals, are we?

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I’ve actually found two Mimic Rooms already this week: one this afternoon, and one back on Sunday. This after having found two Mimic Rooms (total) between their first availability and this past Sunday.

I figure it’s really, really random and a low probability. And it’s not something I care to aggravate myself over. I do a little bit of Explore 12 on most days, gradually working on the Medal grind because I currently have 7 different kingdoms where I’m (at least partially) blocked by not having enough Elite upgraded troops. I could do a fair amount more, but why go out of my way to annoy myself when Real Life is perfectly capable of doing so?


haha, so true. :joy:

you will hate me, but i average 1 mimic every 3 to 4 boss chests and 1 hoard every 4 to 5 mimics. I fought easily 50+ mimics and 11 hoard mimics. However, I still didn’t get the mythic drop. But I am fast approaching 600 gold troops with all kingdoms having between 17 to 21 gold troops each, especially when I hit 5 nysha, 5 anu, and 5 orph tokens multiple times.

I dont hate you, I average 1 in 20-30 boss chests.

this is my strategy. I target the 4 kingdoms with mythstones and only do the first 5 battles and leave the mythic battle alone. After I do my 20 battles, then I backtrack to all 4 kingdoms and do the 4 mythic battles. I been getting good drops in the past. Since the mimic release, sometimes I don’t get mimics, but more than once, I would get 2 mimic battles in a row, which reduces the average to 1 in 4.

oh and I have gotten 10 gaard tokens twice from hoard drops