An absurd way to reward players

Dear Devs,

Since the middle of January I started keeping track of my explore victories, specifically how many Hoard Mimic battles I have been gotten to play.

I have played 283 boss battles. I have received 33 Mimic battles.

I have received ZERO Hoard Mimic battles. And I have never won that troop.

Given that the troop is already a chance-to-get when you have the HM battle, seems zero in 33 are awful odds. I’m told it’s 10%. I’m calling shenanigans on those odds.

It’s an absurd way to reward players. And honestly, makes me not want to play.


Just saying - these are my stats for getting a hoard mimic

Back in the summer last year.
Yes it was a real slog !

Don’t give up !!

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Make that 40. FORTY Mimic battles with zero HM battles. Disgusts me.

Assuming an independent 10% chance for a Hoard Mimic battle to appear after a “bonus” Mimic battle, the odds of going 40 consecutive attempts without encountering the Hoard Mimic is a little less than 1.5%. Which suggests you’re on the unlucky end of the RNG spectrum, but not (yet) an outrageous number of standard deviations from “normal”.


I have slowed down a lot of the explore grinding I was doing, only doing a couple of runs a day now, usually just 1-5, before I feel bored and and then quit and go play something else.

Its just so boring and I don’t feel like I am working toward anything anymore. I have been trying to get that stupid horde mimic for the past year, but have only been tracking my chests for about 7 months. It’s not even a good troop that is worth using in battle.

I just want to finally get 1 for the Xbox achievement.

I’m at 1,888 boss chests, I’ve had 214 mimic chests. An 11.33% appearance rate.

I’ve had 7 horde mimic chests appear. Which based on the number of mimic chests I’ve had, is a 3.27% appearance rate. But based on the number of boss chests I’ve done, its a0.37% appearance rate.

I have 0 horde mimic troops.

The RNG on this thing is horrendous. I know that there are people who have done way more boss chests and finally got it or are still grinding it out, and then there are those who haven’t even done 100 boss chests and have like 4+ of the troop already.

There should be other ways to get this troop instead of just the completely random chance of the mimic chests. Having a chance on the gnome room in a deep delve would actually give me a reason to play that more than the 1 time I did.


If they had just made the Hoard Mimic a Vault troop I wouldn’t have cared. But they held up a kingdom to a Vegas-odds game. And what are they getting out of it? It’s not like this type of game is making them money. So bad game, unhappy customers, and no dollars to show for it. Disgusting.

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That’s really the most baffling part. They could easily add some kind of pity system here, like making the Hoard Mimic craftable for 10 Nysha medals. To farm that many you need close to 2000 E12 boss chests, roughly twice the amount it takes to receive the Hoard Mimic on average, so this would at least provide a reliable, horribly expensive way around bad luck.

Instead, any feedback here disappears into some kind of black hole, if it even gets picked up at all, it’s hard to tell. I mean, other games hand out incentives for players to participate in surveys on how things could be improved, possibly because happy players tend to feel more inclined to spend money. There’s so many reasonable ideas here, from a community that cares, often trivial to implement, and they are all left to decompose. What a waste.

Sometimes I wonder if Gems of War isn’t actually some social study on how much punishment players are willing to suffer prior to moving on.


I made a thread on this, and it mostly got ignored. I am not trying to seek attention, but this troop is my only missing troop. A year, and nothing and I am not even closer.

People say don’t give up. I have averaged for months 5,000 trophies a week just doing explore 12 over and over. Nothing. So now I am back to a 2000 to 3000 trophies. I have opened WAY more mimic and even hoard mimic chest than just about everyone who has this troop who will pop in and say “It took me 40 hoard mimics don’t give up” well I have given up.

I am not going to make a new thread like some trying to say “BLAH BLAH I AM LEAVING THE GAME” I know I am sort of doing that by making this post, but it will NOT be seen by the development team, and hardly anyone else so I am just going to say it.

For the fist time I started playing the game I have not bought the campaign pass. I don’t plan on spending any more money until I get the troop. If I don’t get the troop by the time this campaign is over I walk away.

Its not an empty threat, and its not even going to be noticed, it is just a fact. I am done participating in a system that does this to its users.


The Hoard Mimic is also the only troop I don’t have. Makes me wonder if the lack of success is deliberate due to that fact.

Everyone walks away eventually, by definition.

For now I’ll repeat an idea I had related to the Boss Dungeon. What if:

  • Upon defeating all 3 Bosses, any unopened traps are replaced by special bonus rooms.
  • The first bonus room (which can only be found if less than both traps were sprung) is a guaranteed Mimic Battle. It is scaled to the Dungeon level but otherwise the same as when it appears in Explore mode (i.e. including the chance of being a Hoard Mimic battle and chance of dropping the Hoard Mimic itself).
  • The second bonus room (which can only be found after a Perfect Run) is the majority Dragonite payout.

Also only missing Hoard Mimic here. Fortunately it’s trash, so I don’t have to care about missing out on anything. It’ll come when it comes.

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I’m a newer player so please take this as the sincere question that it is, not snark. What’s so special about that troop that everyone seems to care about it so much? It doesn’t seem that amazing to me. What am I missing?

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Nothing. The troop sucks.
But people want it to have all troops, and for kingdom stars.

Gems of War might look like a match-3 game, it’s really a collectathon though. This is not just about “gotta catch them all” and associated bragging rights, there are multiple layers of progress gates where a single item can make a huge difference in the long run. Nobody would really put Hoard Mimic into anything else but some meme team, if it were to show up for $100 in the cash shop some players would still buy it.


For actual gameplay reasons, Kingdom Progression

Technically not the worst Mythic either, but nowhere near the best. It was actually useable as a defensive troop at one point, but then they fixed/nerfed it.

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The attached trophy is probably a big deal to some people as well.

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I mentioned it earlier. The troop is of a kingdom. If they made the troop a VAULT troop there would be zero interest. So we cannot level that kingdom until we have it.

Thanks everyone for the explanations! I get it now. :slight_smile:

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99% peen troop

Just to update, I played by 50th Mimic game which FINALLY gave me a Hoard Mimic match. If it didn’t I was going to put in a bug report.

Oh. No Hoard Mimic, still.