I'm tired of exploring, day in, day out

Dear devs,

Can we PLEASE have another way of getting a Hoard Mimic? I’m tired of spending every playing hour searching for lanterns, playing e12 battles, never to get a HM battle let alone the troop itself.

I would buy the stupid thing with real money at this point. Please make that an option!


I would love for the Hoard Mimic to be a possible encounter in the daily Boss Dungeon. Say, instead of having two traps, one of the rooms is a Mimic (sometimes Hoard Mimic) room, basically the same as when it appears in Explore mode but scaled to the dungeon level.


now 40 hoard mimic fights in without getting the troop. Some of us are doomed.


I was unexpectedly lucky to get that Troop a few months ago. And trust me, that Troop is trash. LOL


Sadly, it’s not about the troop being useful. It’s about not ever being able to level that kingdom. It’s was ridiculous to make it anything other than a vault troop – and then I wouldn’t have cared a lick.


internal dev discussion could be like:
dev1: " 'member the horden mimicer troop we gated behind luck based rng the players don’t like? some player just expressed willingness to pay extra to get that troop."
dev2: “we could work extra overtime shifts during holiday weekend to brainstorm and make this happen. what a neat way to generate some extra monneh.”
dev3: “lets not get crazy with our already extensive and exhausting workload, lets just make more future releases with pure luck based rng. we’d also first have to talk about pricing internally, what about 49,99$?”
dev4: “seems too cheap for such a high quality mythic troop.”

I wish all of you that didn’t get the troop already the best of luck in the near future. I’m just not a fan of handing out the option to just buy stuff you want to have eventually because this would just be another step into the pay2win category and also because of the possible (further) tempering of the already unrealistic low odds due to the game provider. greed could be a great motivator.

The right direction would be to get fully rid of the rng luck based distribution model. Just give the option like with legends reborn - get a guaranteed hoard mimic fight every x amount of complete explore12 runs and after defeating x amount of hoard mimic enemies in such matches you get the troop. then also put in a counter. heavy grinders will get it sooner, not as active players would clearly and visibly know their progress and would have a goal to work towards.

but unlikely that such a thing is even being considered internally because devs consider the current handling of the situation as “such a fun way”. sometimes talking to a brick wall has more effect. :surfing_man: :clown_face:


I’d still play some Explore-12, anyhow, because I’m not caught up on medalling units for kingdom power level tasks. Although I’m reaching the stage where lack of (Books of) Deeds is the bigger hurdle and that would mean grinding Explore (not necessary tier 12) to try and find the Merchant and the Angel.

But I still don’t have the Hoard Mimic. And I’ve played a lot of Explore since the Hoard Mimic dropped roughly 13 months ago. It’s probably fortunate for my sanity that I’ve never tracked my explore battles, whether it’s the frequency of the (little) Mimic battle or the frequency of the Hoard Mimic battle.

I don’t mind the grind, and one could go through my PSN trophy collection if they required more direct proof. That goes for Gem Dragons as well, and I’ve still only opened four Gem Dragon Eggs in total. But I do mind the excessive RNG that has yet to fall in my favor, even by accident.


This whole hoard mimic thing is sad, you have those who don’t get it and then you have those who get it every other week. I don’t think anything will be done about it.:man_shrugging::man_facepalming:


:fist_right: :fist_left: Fist bump in solidarity!

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I’ve been tracking my chests for a while now. As I don’t have hours per to day to just grind out E12, so what is effectively my numbers from the past year I know some people put up in a week to a month.

But since the Horde Mimic fight was introduced:

Boss Chests - 2,238
Mimic Chests - 254
Horde Mimic Chests - 11
Horde Mimic Troops - 0

The only reason I even care about this useless troop is because its tied to an achievement on Xbox and its the only one I’m still missing (until the next title update).

  1. The achievement should never have been to “get the troop as a reward from fight”, it should have been to “encounter the fight”.

  2. The troop should never have been tied to an actual kingdom and should have been associated with The Vault. This blocks kingdom progression for anyone, who like myself, doesn’t have luck on their side for the 3 levels of RNG required to get it.

  3. The troop, like any other mythic should have been craftable. In fact, it should “only been craftable” and have had similar crafting requirements to Zuul or Xanathos and not be available from the chests. And based on what it is, crafting requirements should have been gold, diamonds, X amount of each Treasure troop, 1 normal Mimic troop, souls, gems, and power orbs. Essentially you’d be dumping so much treasure related items into a normal Mimic, it turns into the Horde Mimic.

  4. If not craftable, there should have been other ways to obtain it, such as:

A) From the Gnome Room in a Deep Delve. I did a Deep Delve 4 times, once for the achievement, then after getting just a regular gnome in there the next 3 times who gave me rewards of gold, gold keys, and trait stones, I have never touched a Deep Delve since. If I had the chance to get the Horde Mimic from this fight, since its a enemy here, I would be playing Deep Delves every day.

B) As said before, it should have been a Vault troop, and thus been a vault reward. And to add to it, could only be a possible reward from an Epic Vault Key battle.

  1. It should not just be a random luck based encounter, where your % of getting the fight it basically less than 1% and even less to even get the troop. You should be able to work toward spawning the fight. It being completely luck based makes me feel like I am working toward nothing and am wasting my time.

Let me save up shards by doing explore runs and like a delve, once I get over 100, give me the option to retreat and not fight the boss room. Thus completing the explore run and resetting it. Instead of like now, where you just don’t fight the boss and instead go to another kingdom and do an explore run there if you want to accrue shards, but the boss fight is still there waiting for you to use 100 shards to fight it on the other kingdom.

Then put in an option that lets you spend mass amounts of shards to spawn a mimic and horde mimic fight. Save up 500 shards, then use them all at once and it guarantees a mimic fight if you beat the boss battle. Save up 1000 shards, then use them all at once and it guarantees a mimic and horde mimic fight, if you beat the boss and of course beat the mimic battle.

6)Or since the devs never do anything to actually help us unless its monetized in some way. Just release Mimic Bait already. Sell it just like you do Pet and Cursed Gnome bait.


I think the drop rate should be doubled or tripled. Getting the Hoard battle is already very rare.
Whilst some of us have 3, others have none, quite simply it should be easier to drop.

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On my PS4 account, I’ve been running explore battles for hours every day (with autoplay of course, ain’t gonna do that manually). Hoard mimic battles show up very rarely, and I still have never gotten the troop.

On the plus side, I have so many medals!

My PC/mobile account has 2 hoard mimics, despite doing far less explore grinding. (Those were obtained with pure autoplay, so I don’t think they somehow reduce the chances if you autoplay)

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