Have you got the Hoard Mimic troop yet? (Poll)

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I really do believe this is content that is not intended to or even reasonable to assume that people are going to get done in the first week. This is much more of a Zuul type situation, except instead of the grind of Power Orbs it’s a farming grind. I also think that’s probably the healthier way to look at it. How do you create long-term interest and incentives now that GaPs have made collecting most resources totally trivial and way faster?

I know that really irritates some folks, but it looks like it’s the reality. I’m not going to ceaselessly throw myself at trying to get it, but I’m also at a point where I’m regularly playing Explore 12 for the tokens anyway, so it’ll drop when it drops. It’s not going anywhere.


I did 8900 trophies (after the release of the patch) worth of e12 explores that week and I found the hoard mimic ONCE.

Pretty funny trolling.

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Got lucky on mine: farmed hundreds of Explore12 boss chests since the update (Scorpius @ Nexus), and got the Mythic on Monday after going through just 23 Mimics + 4 Hoard Mimics (total 27)

A guildie got it on his first Hoard Mimic, less than 10 chests after the update
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I haven’t even found a hoard mimic battle yet.

I’d much rather have it be a goal you can work towards than just luck.

Right now you could get it on your first mimic encounter or still not get it after the 1000th.

Personally I don’t find luck based stuff very engaging for long.


Please keep in mind that these statistics after full week and plus of grinding crazy.
91% did not get it. Really sad and disappointing.

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Sounds about right. Its not supposed to be easy


Got it in my second Mimic Hoard chest. Ridiculously lucky.

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13%? No way.

Seems a rather high percentage. I think a lot more of the people that actually got the troop voted vs those that didn’t?

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Exactly. This poll is meaningless for numerous reasons. Such as, probably less than 1% of the playerbase ever bother with this forum. Or that its based on non stacking RNG, which requires 3 back to back episodes of fortuitous RNG. You can’t expect to put a time frame on this and feel upset if RNG decides not to oblige. You can’t grind this as such; a player who is on his 1st boss chest of the week has an equal chance of bagging the mythic as the bleary eyed 10 hour a day player who is on his (insert ridiculous number here) th boss chest of the week. The only people who are bothered about this are those with the most acute FOMO, who have religiously “supported” this game with campaign pass etc in order to maintain their collection. Zuul took me a year of pure RNG dependance and now you can get him in a couple of months. Ive got the orbs for kurandara but am at the mercy of vaults for heart of rage. And then theres the campaign pets and weapons etc that i may never attain. The devs had a mythic to grind for then made it easier and thus less satisfying to get him. They introduced useless campaign mythics that will hardly ever see a team sheet but people were happy to pay nonetheless. Now we have another useless mythic we will never use that is based on pure RNG. Those who have spent lots of money to amass and maintain their collections are thus aggrieved that their collection is out of their control; a troop they may never get, a troop that might frustrate them so much that they quit the game. The devs are trying to tell you that this game at the end of the day is RNG, until they decide on the best way to sell him to you. And many will take the bait, gleeful at their own willingness to be exploited. Its painful to witness.


I don’t understand your argument about non stacking RNG sorry. If my current rates are accurate (a big if), then you have 0.1 (mimic) * 0.2 (hoard mimic) * 0.05 (drop) = 0.001 change of getting the hoard mimic mythic drop from a boss chest. In other words, at very high numbers, you will see a hoard mimic mythic drop per 1000 boss fights (assuming you can win the mimic and hoard mimic fights). Can you go without the drop for 10,000 boss fights? Sure. This is the same when opening gem keys for mythic; it just happens faster. Can you get the drop in 1 fight? Absolutely.


Right, of course: there’s an equal but very low chance of getting it at each Boss Chest you encounter; so the more you do the more your aggregate chance of getting it is.

I don’t see how this could not be seen as grinding for it?


Your rates are pure speculation as you acknowledge because your “data” represents your own gaming experience which may differ significantly from someone else who has put in the effort. Boss chest 1 has the same miniscule chance of progressing to a mythic drop as boss chest infinity. Grind doesnt stack the odds (RNG) to any degree. You either get lucky or you dont. Whilst i accept that players will grind high level explore until they get lucky, they are completely at the mercy of the RNG until the devs decide on a lucrative sales ploy to put you out of your misery. And after that it will probably be back to low level explore to grind classes etc. But based on getting lucky 3 times in a row as a requirement i cant see any point in changing my playstyle for a meaningless troop and a meaningless achievement. At least in the process of grinding, players will benefit from medalling troops faster and thus promote kingdom power. RNG doesnt stack because the chance in every explore run is the same.

He (Cronus) is merely attempting to assist @Cronus; yet, I see @Helvellyn’s argument that you must be really fortunate in order for things to click three times in a row.

I’m hoping they rethink their approach to this Mythic. You don’t have to frustrate players in the hopes that they’ll enjoy themselves. It is good to make it difficult to obtain, but have a plan in place rather than relying on luck and getting it three times.

Allow players to earn a token or something if they fail in order to improve their chances the following time, or need them to gather tokens in order to create it in the soulforge.

Make it happen, @Kafka @Nimhain @Jeto.


No, but frustrating players is a great way to get them to cough up IAP money.

Coming soon in the shop: Mimic chest bait.


I have now got 2 of the hoard mythics , seems I am a little lucky

I hopefully understand you wrong but to make a clear analogy: it sounds like you’re saying that when you throw a dice 1000 times (=grinding) has the same chance to throw at least one 6 (=get the mythic) as throwing it 5 times (=no grind).

Ofc, we’re in the hands of RNGesus and yes each chest has an equal chance to eventually get to the mythic, but playing more does increase your chance to get at least one copy.

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Got it on the first day of the Vault event :grinning:


I thought i had clarified my point. Each explore run has the same chance of getting lucky 3 times in a row and bagging the mythic. It doesnt matter how many previous attempts you have made. Of course in theory more attempts will get you there in the end but you arent crunching the numbers to any degree when doing so. Its a triple “getting lucky” scenario; some players will get it after a handful of attempts whilst others will do 1000s and remain empty handed. Thats why i personally see no point in changing my playstyle for a meaningless achievement and a useless troop. I dont care if i get lucky or not but i am certainly not going to frustrate myself with the pursuit (grind). The game is full of enough frustrations already: almost non existent cursed gnomes (making the soulforge upgrade utterly pointless and redundant) and verse gnome disparity. How come ive got more than 30 each of 1, 2 and 3 but cant get number 4 except from the odd daily offer? Thats proof enough for me that this triple RNG horde pursuit is worth none of my time. I will do my usual quota of explore and no more. Despite doing loads of L12 exp i still havent got 3 nysha so its a no brainer for me. Dont expect RNG to be favourable, ever.