That mimic room chance in Explore is just BS

4 hours explore the latest days and 1 mimic room. Get real…


The spawn rate for the mimic chest is horrendous and then the spawn rate for the mythic mimic is even more horrendous and finally the chance at getting the Mythic Mimic troop seems down right impossible.

I’ve been grinding since this feature launched. I cycle through all the kingdoms 1 by 1, and then open all the boss chests 1 after the other. I maybe get 2 mimics each time and I normally have to do this 3-4 times to get a mythic mimic.

I have yet to get the troop to drop the chest and the only tokens i’ve ever gotten from the mythic chest is gaard. It’s such BS the amount of RNG and luck that is involved in this.

I’m actually surprised the that Devs didn’t release mimic bait and try to monetize this shit RNG like they do with pet and cursed gnomes.


Did somebody say “RNG”?

Other players aggregated Explore run statistics suggesting:

Combined, this is a 0.025-0.1% chance of getting a Hoard Mimic per Explore Boss defeated.

0.025% is better than the Mythic drop rate from Glory chests (0.01%).
0.1% is same as the Mythic drop rate from Gem Chests.

Math aside, the major difference is the sheer amount of player time required to actually reach the Explore boss for just 1 chance at the Boss Chest, vs. acquisition of Gem Keys + redemption in bulk.

As such, I certainly wouldn’t mind a higher encounter rate of Mimic Bosses and Hoard Mimics inside that (say, 15% each?) to slightly offset the sheer time and effort involved in farming higher level Explore runs.


And maybe this is the “mistake” that happened during the Hoard Mimic design process. Maybe somebody in the dev team was saying “let´s introduce a mythic troop, that also the high-end gamers have to hunt and can´t just get with their enormous key stacks. As it is a mythic troop, let´s make its drop rate comparable to mythics from gem keys or even a bit lower - after all, it is a special mythic troop”. And then they forgot to consider, that gaining (and opening) 5000+ gem keys is VERY different from collecting 5000+ explore chests.

However, it must be said, that the drop rates of Mimic and Hoard Mimic battles also affect another part of the game economy, which is the number of tokens collected. Assuming a drop rate of 10% for Mimic and Hoard Mimic battle, this boosts the number of tokens already by 13%. If the drop rate would be increased to 15% each, the number of tokens would be increased by 21%. From my point of view, this would not be a problem, extra tokens are always welcome, but maybe the devs have another opinion on this :man_shrugging:

This is really not worth stressing over at all. Nor is it worth sustained grinding if you value enjoyment from gaming. Currently on XB1 this achievement is owned by 0.04% so math presented as potential drop rate is sketchy at best. Achievements of late are odd: eg boost horde to 200. I simply wont do that because I always aimed to complete the lot at 100 and have only a couple left. Very close many times this week with indrajit despite its double boost far outweighing mine so that one is gonna get ticked off soon. Dont let ridiculous achievements compromise the fun factor. Play to enjoy, dont let completionism detract from that. It will happen one day (probably) so let it ride.


Keep the faith @Eika. I was losing faith until I just pulled it after weeks of grinding daily. You’ll get there, just keep at it.

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