Hoard Mimic's First Trait

As many of us know, Hoard Mimic’s first and third trait are Armored and Golden Armor respectively. The problem with that is that they do not stack to 95% skull damage reduction but rather a much lower number. I was thinking maybe changing its first trait to Greedy or Merchant so it’ll fit the motif. Or maybe even Infernal Armor would also be a good fit for it.


This is verbatim feedback that I gave during Beta, especially Greedy since that can be used to buff the Armor to all part of the spell. It wasn’t changed then, and probably won’t be now. Sorry to say this is one battle that was fought and lost.


Wait…wait…wait. You’re telling us that the devs didn’t listen to feedback? Shocker!!!


To be totally fair, they do listen and consider tester feedback. I’ve witnessed in being a tester on 4 updates at this point that it does happen. If I had to generalize, I’d say UI user-experience, some QOL suggestions, and suggestions for things that aren’t set in stone yet have a decent shot of being considered and implemented. Case in point, feedback on Journey events needing excellent rewards to reflect the state of the game as it stands today caused a large change, not just copying rewards from other event types where they don’t provide the resources that are more restricted and actually giving Imperial Deeds, writs, and Books. Granted, we’ve only seen the one Journey event, but the point still stands about taking constructive feedback.

I’ve not seen many suggestions on content dealing with monetization mechanics, or troop traits/balance ever being taken as by the time we see them, the artwork tends to be set, traits picked and coded, and internal testers have already been doing their work. Also, business plans and projections have already been worked on prior to testing as they’re just looking for bugs and weird interactions, not for advice on how to run their business. So, even if we make a very compelling case, I’d guess it’s too late in the process for those things to change.


Who is the dumbwit in the first place who comes up with trait sets like this?
Totally useless trait, the troop otherwise looks at least somewhat useful.