Hoard mimic nerf

Okay, I’m a little disappointed. This card is extra hard to get. And yes, having 2 skulls reduction is kinda weird, but it was one that we could actually tried to do something with it and not just for the collection.

They removed one of the skull reduction, now it’s just 25%. They could modify one one the 2 and give a 75, 80 wathever… no just 25%. So it is useless now…

They are faster « fixing » it, then bringing back our emotes on ios… but that is another debate…

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The skull reduction did not make this troop useful, though. I get the sentiment but this troop should never be used in battle either way


It doesn’t have to be like that though.

At one point, Zuul’Goth was a single cast troop and many forum people (who didn’t own the troop) attempted to keep it single cast because it was just a trophy and all the other sentiments that people are giving to Hoard Mimic right now. Zuul’Goth got its single cast removed.

Nowadays, many people own Zuul’Goth and actively enjoy using it in their daily gameplay.

Not everything needs to be the best, but it would be nice if as many things were made viable as possible.


change the last trait to 500% gold boost … yet is would make cedric usless for the key team but this is that hard to get it it would only benefit the endgamers anyway


I agree. Give us a unique trait that is actually useful for this really rare mythic. A reason to use it!


Yeah, it should have something unique, and preferably useful. Obviously not game-breaking, but something other troops don’t do. 5 gold per turn is terrible for a 3rd trait on a mythic, and 25% skull damage reduction isn’t worth a trait slot (on a mythic) either.

I believe it was always intended to be a collector’s item, not an actual battle troop