What about having a little chance getting Hoard Mimic as Vault rewards?

A good suggestion in my book!


I have 7 copies now, so no thanks :laughing:

That is because they are dropping like rain drops after you got your first.

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Not quite. The first 3 took months.

Then I got 4 more in the last 3 weeks :upside_down_face:

Cool, so now you can use 4x hoard mimic teams to brag around. :wink:

The chances to get a specific troop from the vault are… not good, from the perspective of players, who don’t farm for keys aggressively (and then spend hours with vault fights).
Adding tarot troops to the drop table was a mistake.
Adding more tarot troops in the future makes the mistake worse.

I really don’t want yet another class of troops in there…

Except that it’ll appear as 3x Hoard Mimic + 1x Lance Knight because that bug is apparently never going to get fixed or even acknowledged…


I’d settle for a couple of incremental improvements, rather than this big one. Two things on my wish list?

  • Treat the gnome/Tarot drops similar to the guardians from Guild Keys. That is, remove them from the drop pool entirely once you have them at Mythic x 4.
  • Update the drop pool for “ordinary” Treasure Gnomes. Most of what they provide has zero use to the veteran player; I suspect a lot of what they provide has zero use to even the midgame player.

I would say that arena weekend will have higher chance to find the hoard mimic in the regular way, instead of 1/10^3 (first mimic, mimic hoard, the card in rewars) get it to 1/5^3 for example. It will make this boring weekend to farming medal weekend with a reasonable chance to get the troop and the achievement. Outside of this weekend the chances are regular

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Enough randomness already, I’d rather see some crafting recipe instead. Even if it’s 100 Cedric for a Hoard Mimic.

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