Devs, you should leave Zuul'Goth as a multi-cast troop

Based on a now-closed thread, it appears that the plan is set ZG back to a single-cast troop in 4.2. I think this is a missed opportunity.

ZG need not be the single most powerful item in the game, but it should be at least worth something. People would try harder to get it if it were something worth having. The player base would come up with creative ways to put ZG in a deck, other players would see those decks and want ZG, and the economy would drive the price of ZG higher.

As a single-cast troop, it’s a worthless, shiny trophy. Only the most dedicated collectors will work hard to get it.

Devs, I think you would get more participation (read: more money) if you left ZG alone. ZG is currently a lump of coal. It doesn’t have to be gold, but it should at least be a carrot.


Whoa whoa whoa. This falls in the category of being beneficial to the players.


Personally, I don’t care either way. I’ll probably never own it, anyway… Unless they make it craft-able via diamonds again. Lmao.

I will agree…but only when I got my copy. :smile:

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i never knew zuul was single cast until i read that closed thread. seriously absurd.

I think it should cost 50 gems if you want to cast Zuul’Goth more than once every 24 hours.
Seems fair… :grinning:


Poor jealous Graeme :wink:

Hey Guys,

When a troop has a 100% chance to kill or remove an enemy troop, we generally make it a one cast only troop. This is mainly to keep it balanced and remove some of the frustration of playing against it. Also one shot spells generally mean you won’t run into a team of 4 killer troops that can each insta-kill one of your troops.

The Great Maw is a great example of this as he not only kills your troop, he gains their skill points from devouring it; then creates the same colors he uses on the board. (Imagine going up against him if he wasn’t a one shot troop).

So while we might consider something in the future (it has been actually something we have discussed previously). We can’t make any promises that it will happen, mainly due to some potential balance problems that this change could bring. But we’re not ruling it out, if we find a way we’re satified he’s not going to take over the game.


How does this compare in regards to Ubastet/Scorpius? They have situational yet effectively simple to trigger free kills 100% of the time and are much easier to trigger due to mana cost.

Besides, if the AI manages to fill 32 mana to cast Zuul’Goth, it deserves to cast. (unless there’s 50% mana to boss troops coming in the future?)

Due to the extreme methods and overall stigmas attached to obtaining the troop, its not going to take over the game. It actually can’t, since there’s a specific counter to Zuul’Goth. (Every boss killer troop being released from Raids each time.)

Just an open forum discussion, not a dig at anything.


Maw is not 100%, considering barrier , impervious and immunities.
Ubastet and Scorpius are way more dangerous.

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Perhaps Zuul could have silence applied (using the normal mechanic) following cast. That would at least allow a few turns (on average) before he commences mana collection.


A team of 4 Zuul’Goths can be easily beaten with some good anti-boss troops, Hellcackle is just one of them. I raise both my hands for removing one-cast from Zuul’Goth.

If anyone has 32 orbs of power to trow away he/she deserves a 4x instant kill that you can barely fill once during a normal battle :smiley:


So Zuul, who needs 32 Mana and kills an opponent (Doesn’t get stats like Maw) is only allowed to use it once yet you reverted the nerf on Scorpius (Who can double insta kill on poisoned opponents, sure, they might have immunity to poison but if not, Scorpius wipes them out) and Ubastet’s double instant kill (Need anyone say anything about this?)

Honestly a very bad excuse and like others are saying, getting 4 Zuul’goths is absurd and unlikely to ever happen and it isn’t like Zuul’goth gets all mana back and an extra turn. That and he is classed as a boss so any god slayer deals 3 to 5 times the damage so he is pretty much one shot by far cheaper mana cost troops. Fair that Zuul can only cast once now?

Hey guys, as you’re asking to keep the Zuul’goth buff, please remember that getting him is one of the most pay-to-win aspects of the game. It takes a lot of gems to climb those leaderboards and those who choose to buy the gems will get him faster than those that don’t. Making Zuul’goth primarily cosmetic was probably to avoid having a good powerful troop you could build a team around being effectively only obtainable by purchase (at least in the short run). It’s a game design line that the devs have always been very hesitant to cross. This inadvertent change to Zuul’goth makes him viable enough that people will start feeling like they need to have him and feed more accusations of the game being pay-to-win. I’m okay with reverting the buff because I don’t want the game to move that direction.


Eh, what we’re seeing here is a predictable cycle among players. Here’s how ZG sentiment goes over time:

At release:

lol, worthless. At least I know who to laugh at.

After a few weeks:

Eh, I may as well start hoarding orbs. I don’t really need to use them.

After someone gets it:

Congrats! (Dang, now I’m jealous.)

After a friend gets it:

Thread: Ascension Orbs should drop from killing purple troops.

After getting 3 Orb of Power:

It’s not fair that Zuul’goth is cosmetic-only, it should be like Infernus but Multi-kill. It’s a lot of work for no reward, and I know that’s the definition of this game but seriously.


Instakill that can multicast? Nope. Stupid idea.

The ai got np filling him pretty fast, especially with a team made for that (Es:Gorgotha, Zully, the new dwarf converter/Empowered, Taipan, isnt so hard fill and shot at first round, i dont have Zully but with a yao can win at first turn vs teams with 2k more points).

Everyone here keep compairing Zully with Maw saying Maw is even better, leaving aside the ai is really bad at using Maw (more than 50% of times i seen it waste maw on immune/with barrier troop) also zully get extra stats casting seen the +5 to all every skull match and he spawn 12 of them, also not beign impervious you can do w/e you want to the little cute worm.

Scorpy and Ubby are nice but they rely on other troops to get the work done, without a poisoner (usually euryali or w/e is the name) Scorpy is harmless ad without prior damage Ubby cant kill anything even on my “crappy” 9,5k points squads (dont even have all kingdoms to 5).

About those godkillers troops, who actually use them usually? i think no one?

Said that i dont mind if zull stay buffed like it is x various reasons but another side effect is that you can say goodbye to any leaderboard challenge, on ps4 all lately events are owned by the same person by a lot, well, that’s good for the economy anyway and leaderboards is another thing idc about so np.

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I am perfectly fine with buffing Zuul’goth because its mana cost is high.

In return: there should be no more free turns on 4/5 matches or from abilities. Anyone else who has had the CPU Zuul’goth cast 3 times by turn 4 will agree.

No more extra turns? No thanks. Why not just make zuul what he was intended to be? A trophy.