Devs, you should leave Zuul'Goth as a multi-cast troop


Yup, lets keep him in the trophy cabinet or show him off in our defense teams. Great idea!


Thank you. Finally someone sees reason.



Alternatively, hard nerf empowered so you don’t get Mercy, Gimlet, Tai’pan, Fire Bomb or any other converter to suddenly give all troops full mana as well as 4 instant kills from the Megavore who was causally triggering the 8%. Speaking of which, if they want to restrict Zuul back to one time, make it so Megavore’s trait can only trigger once if they want to follow that logic.

Oh and, nerf Cockatrice.


I got zuul a month ago
He’s worthless overall
32 mana for one kill, makes him too slow
He also has a lot of troops that can do 5x damage against him in addition to no skull defense
I really don’t care what u do overall as there’s enough troops with or without him
But yeah, he’s too slow for offense, and easily killed in defense
Tried him for one day, now he sits on the bench with 400 other troops


Empowered is just part of the problem. Under the right circumstances, I’ve seen Forest Troll / Nyx / Mab still able to loop itself for 6-8 turns. That kind of circumstance is where ZG gets to cast an above-average amount of times for a below-average amount of effort.

Every bad situation always involves, “Since this has an above-average probability of looping free turns…”. Take away free turns and every bad situation goes away. Take away something else, and a different loophole’s found later.


zuul goth should have a chance to kill all enemies at once :wink:

and that would be fun

now this troop is worthless


Just made my first zuul team, won 100 pvp in a row
Used his magic twice in 2 battles only, not even needed

Do as u wish devs


People already try hard to get it. I know on Xbox the price for a power orb is most times in excess of 2500 gems. Everyone knew it’s limitations before they got it and it would not be fair to make it more powerful after the fact because people that were not going for it might have. I say leave it alone.


He cast multiple times at the moment. Is it a bug?

Édit: ok never mind, I used my reading superpower


I think Zuul should stay as multi cast. The amount of work to get this troop is extremely high and it should be worth the effort. As others said the mana cost is very high and this is the only troop that has counters that can do 5x against it.

Reward those who worked hard to get this troop because a player can buy as many gem packs as they want but they still have to earn the orbs.


The only other troop which had the same mana cost before getting changed was The Worldbreaker. Now though? Only Zuul’goth has 32 mana. If they still think he is op, just buff his mana cost (Including Raid Zuul).


I take it back Lol
Don’t care about pvp, as his 2nd cast doesn’t help there
But when ur doing events like last week, where enemies have ridiculous amounts of life/armor, his 2nd cast is much appreciated


I’d rather it not stay multi cast
It all sound great atm, but wait for real fast team build around it, like Zul in first spot with 2 empowered converter and maybe a match-Exploder (hero or Possessed King) for first turn kill and and then it won’t be as cool.
( and no I don’t have a Zul but I can easy fill the Worldbreaker on turn 1)

The Meta is not on it yet, right now the rage is Yao Gai red Rage (YGrrrrrr) but it will come if they leave it as it is


So basically what ur saying is under certain starting boards and circumstances, there’s a chance it might do well occasionally
Scary thought :wink:

All of these nerfs that everyone requests, on the premise of pvp battles, cause every other mode to be that much harder n time consuming
When enemies have 300/300 life/armor, I’m more concerned about beating them, then if I got bad rng once in awhile in pvp


That’s just the point though, isn’t it? If Zuul were able to cast an unlimited number of times, it wouldn’t be difficult to build a team around him that reliably beats any encounter, no matter the level. From a design perspective, a level 300 encounter should be tougher than a level 100 encounter, and a lot easier than a level 1000 encounter. They would have to nerf instant kills in some way, similar to how they nerfed transforms, e.g. by adding the condition that it only works if the source has more combined health and armor than the target.


Well, to be fair with the right team you can basically fill Zully (or any other troop you want) from second turn onward, on ps4 there’s only 1 with that team on def (and actually cuz omen on def isnt that great), dont really need any special board and/or circustance.

Said that i’ve already said i dont mind him stay multycast even though in gw would mean losing (in normal pvp can butcher it like everything else but 1 set up i wont name, and no, isnt a DE one ppls are crying so much about lately).


i basically quit the game a few weeks ago, but i do come back for guild wars. i just faced a paragon team with zuul and he casted twice. the team also had the hero with weapon that transforms a random player into a baby dragon.

zuul casted. hero weapon casted later. zuul casted AGAIN a few turns later. this is absurd to be allowed in guild wars.

i somehow still managed to pull off the win but man, this is really unfair considering the small amount of people that have zuul. what a nightmare in guild wars. at least remove the “can only be cast once” text until there is a fix.


Zuul is an achievement and considering how difficult he is to get, he should be allowed to cast multiple times but if that’s not enough, just make his mana cost even higher (40+). Dragon’s Eye on the other hand… gives mana to their team and screws yours over with a baby dragon. Dragon’s Eye needs to change the user into a Baby Dragon as well like Dragon Fire does.

TLDR: Zuul should be allowed to multicast.


i honestly agree that zuul should be allowed to multicast. my problem is that while i’m methodically playing my guild war, when i read “can only be cast once” i need to be able to trust that.