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Zuul'Goth Pointlessly Expensive for such a useless Troop

You currently need 8 Orbs of Power (along with the usually Mythic crafting reqs) to craft Zuul’Goth.
That takes Ages to get and once you have crafted everything What do you get? A troop that Everyone can one shot thanks to the “Boss” troop type and the raid boss event troops.

This troop needs to be Made stronger, Have the Boss troop type removed, or cost less to make.

OR just don’t CRAFT it and stop complaining!.


Zullgoth doesn’t exist as a craftable troop at least not to me. Way to worthless to even think about crafting it.

Zuul is not for everyone. It’s for the completionists. Like me. I got excited to finally get a Treasure Gnome, because I already had Valraven, Cedric and Pet gnome. I already have DB. All my troops are max level, and all but 31 have maxed traits. I have Xathenos. Yes, I want Zuul, and the fact that it’s hard, but not impossible, to get, makes it special. No, it won’t go in every team. Just like DB doesn’t go in every team either.