Devs, you should leave Zuul'Goth as a multi-cast troop


Keep the Zuul multi-cast, we have plenty of GodSlayer troops to counter.


4.3 ninja nerf: Delve rewards significantly reduced because multi-cast Zuul’Goth fares too well against level 500 troops.


Assuming Zul’Goth is “balanced” at its current cost for a single cast, then:

  1. Why not slightly increase his mana cost and make him able to cast without restriction?
  2. Or make a unique ability that increases the mana cost by say 25% after every cast?


There needs to be balance in the game.
For every troop referenced here there’s a consistent counter to their lethal ability. For Zuul’Goth there’s nothing but a lucky chance to transform him.
I know no one cares about guild wars outside of bracket 1. But for guild wars he’s currently OP on defense due to the bug.
Zuul’Goth is meant to be an achievement. Not the most powerful troop in the game. If they made the multi-cast stay then GoW would definitely become the P2W that many have accused of it becoming.
Show me a VIP 0 player that gets Zuul’Goth and I’ll change my stance. But until then… Don’t nerf him, but fix him back to the way he was intended to be.

I do understand that those who got him feel like he isn’t that great. You kinda knew that going into it though. None of you should be surprised.
So if they do change anything. They should make Zuul’Goth able to get all the Mana types like in Raids and make him Invulnerable. As long as it can only one shot. It wouldn’t be OP and will actually be useful to those who get him.
If you read this and don’t agree it’s whatever. I’m not going to argue my case. I feel like I made my thoughts already clear. Just wanted to weigh in with my “hot take”.


This is happening more and more and it scares me but I really stand beside awryan here.

When ZG released, we joked about how bad it was. People fought hard to be the first to get it anyway. They were perfectly happy with their achievement until a bug made it stronger. Now a bunch of people want it to stay that way “or they won’t be happy”.

ZG could have no abilities and no traits and you’d still work just as hard to get it. This is definitely true of me: the only reason I’m bothering is “it’s an achievement” and it feels nice to hit those milestones. Also “there’s not a hell of a lot else for me to do with orbs right now”.

If it gets “buffed” in the sense that this bug becomes “how it works”, I definitely think Dawnbringer and Xathenos need to be rebalanced upwards as well. We can’t go dunking on other players’ hard work, can we? It took me a damn long time to get those two, and if “because it’s hard” is justification to bump up ZG then Dawnbringer’s overdue for buff.


It would be nice if there were some counter to Zuul’Goth. One suggestion might be a troop that fuels faster than ZG and does extra damage to it. If the devs would just create a troop or two that fuels on, say, 12 and does extra damage to boss types, then ZG might be defeatable. If only such troops existed.

ZG is a troop so “mighty” that every four weeks, with a troop set limited to a particular kingdom, many players regularly defeat a version of it that (1) is multi-cast, (2) fuels on every color rather than just red, purple, and blue, and (3) is Invulnerable rather than “merely” Impervious. A nontrivial number of players are even able to beat (4) a ridiculously overpowered level 500 version of this boss. It is true that we should expect player-created ZG defenses to be better than those seen in the Raid, but does it really require a nerf to all four advantages listed above?

My experience suggests it does not. Because I was curious, I have run a decent ZG deck as my PvP defense for a couple weeks now. It’s hard to know the exact W/L record because GOW defense numbers are very wonky, but I can say that I have a much worse win percentage with the ZG team than with the Divine meta or the Tai-Pan meta. The community is not struggling against this deck.

(And note: even the tough battle described recently above was a victory for the author. What’s the complaint? “Hey, with ZG being multi-cast my victories are at times challenging rather than the effortless, mindless slaughter I vastly prefer”? :smiley:)

The argument for leaving ZG as it is is not predicated on the notion of “I worked hard to get him, so it should be worth something”. That’s the argument for why the devs should want it to be worth something: they ought to want us to chase something, and we are more likely to chase it if it is not complete trash.

The argument for why players should want ZG as it is is that it does not leave ZG overpowered, but does give it enough “oomph” to be at least a decently viable troop. In other words, it gives us more options to play with. More options means more variety means more fun.

That’s true even for those who do not have ZG, because now, with ZG as a viable troop in the game, those 13 boss killers that are otherwise of minimal value can have some use too. More useful troops means more variety means more fun.

It should be noted that this is not an emotional issue for me, nor is it something I think players are “entitled” to. I just think the game as a whole is better with ZG as it is right now with the “bug”. Put it back and I will shrug my shoulders and set my ZG defense back to a Tai-Pan defense. Is that more fun?


(And note: even the tough battle described recently above was a victory for the author. What’s the complaint? “Hey, with ZG being multi-cast my victories are at times challenging rather than the effortless, mindless slaughter I vastly prefer”? :smiley:)

my complaint is that on the card, it says “can only be cast once”. i also said that i agree that zuul should be multi-cast. i never said anything regarding “victories being challenging rather than effortless, mindless slaughter”. really cool that you went ahead and reduced my issue to absurdity.


I’m sorry you felt that way. I put the paragraph in parenthesis and threw in an emoji to try to indicate “yes, I know I’m reducing this argument to absurdity, but I know that and am just being silly.”

No offense was meant. I’m sorry some was received.


It actually doesn’t, because for every 1 free kill you get on an enemy, it creates 12 skulls which don’t always give you an extra turn. (and at that high of stats, skull hits aren’t free kills)

When the AI start taking those skulls and it cascades, your team falls apart.

Its even more noticeable in Tower of Doom.


Dawnbringer is already good.

Xathenos does need to be rebalanced upwards still.

Hard work should be rewarded, but not everything has the same value of hard work. Dawnbringer is already in a good place for the “because it’s hard” justification you’re trying to throw out. It’s not THAT hard to get.


im surprised a thread about a troop so few have/will ever have has this many posts…has there been a storm that rained power orbs during the few hrs i sleep? xD