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(Fixed in 4.2) Player owned Zuul'Goth casting more than once

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting Zuul’Goth to be blocked from casting more than once, since that’s what the card says. He cast once, then started filling up his mana, and ended up casting again. Both times, the effects happened, and my troops died.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It was in PVP. I’ve never seen an player-owned Zuul’Goth cast before today, so I don’t know if it always happens. I did reposition Zuul’Goth from third slot to first slot using Cedric. I don’t know if that had any effect, as I’d already moved him when I noticed he was collecting mana again.

Steps to make it happen again
As stated before. If it doesn’t happen immediately, he may need to be repositioned into another slot.

This happened to a fellow guild member last week in guild wars, don’t think he repositioned Zuul tho. Cast twice during the match

I can confirm that it can be casted multiple times, just tried it

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if Zuul had that restriction gone considering the amount of time needed to craft him… Same with removing his Imprevious for Invulnerable. Would make him much more viable


ZG is a real garbage troop if it can only cast once. It’s a poor reward for the amount of effort it takes to get it.

Allowing it to cast more than once transforms it from garbage to decent, but certainly not OP. The function should be left as it is now and the text should be changed.


@TheIdleOne @Fleg

You guys ever see your Zuul fire twice?

Mine does, and theirs do too when I practice against them.

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Only after the update. If Scorpius can get the one shot cast removed for a double kill at 28 mana, then the world’s largest paperweight that takes a lot of effort to receive (or a lot of waiting and luck) should also have its restriction removed at 32 mana.


here you go


They could make it where Zuul has a 100% chance to kill a troop on his first chance, and then it drops to 50% for the second turn. 40% for the next. 30% for the next…and so on.

This is a known issue, thanks for your report. The team have fixed this for the next update, 4.2

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Remove the ‘Boss’ type from the craftable Zuul and remove once only cast like Scorpius which will make the crazy grind actually worth trying to obtain this troop. After all, it will be the strongest troop in the game and for 32 mana and 45 years of grinding I’d expect nothing less :wink:

Plz buff him so hes more than a collection treasure. Hes so expensive to craft. :raising_hand_woman:

…and he looks like a boss(champ) :muscle:

I can’t imagine the amount of hate the devs would receive if Zuul were ever buffed to anything better than a collection treasure. Players repeatedly meeting a killer meta team they could only hope to copy after playing another two years are unlikely to express a lot of gratitude.

Who mentioned that they should not had buffed him so he do be the best troop in the game, except from you?

Which part of “anything better than a collection treasure” made you misread my post to such an extent?

Of course you had to quote the sentence before I was finished with it.
What I meant was, that nobody said that they should buff him so he do be the best troop in the game.
You mentioning a killer meta with him in, which players might wait 2 years for using themselves.
Nobody asked for a “best troop” in the game buff.

If you post something, you are finished with it. Just because this forum allows you to edit post multiple times after posting doesn’t mean that people will wait half a day prior to replying to you.

Somebody asked for a “more than collection treasure” buff, which directly translates to “powerful enough to compete with the best meta teams”. Unless, of course, I totally misunderstand your request and you were just petitioning for an extra armor point.

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Come back and talk to me whenever you have proper manners, which you hopefully will get someday. Your replies is filled with disrespect all over them.