(Fixed 4.2) Zuul’goth has unlimited casts in pvp

Casted three times and killed three of my troops. Obviously you don’t come across it much in pvp but it’s broken. I played the same player as a test match and it happens there too. Let me tell ya… Silent Sentinal/Fey Hero with Dragon’s Eye/ Zuul’Goth/ Siren is one of the strongest teams I’ve ever seen when Zuulgoth has unlimited casts.

Fixed in 4.2

That’s not good enough. Some urgency is required with this whether he is a rare opponent or not.

The fix Requires a client update. So as soon as they can. It will be fixed. 4.2 will be released before or right as the start of the new year…aka soon ™

That might be your definition of soon but it’s certainly not mine.

It’s my definition of realistic expectations. Client updates take a while and can’t be instant.
Your beef is with QA who didn’t test 4.1 properly.
Not time. :grinning:

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I don’t have a beef as you predispose, nor am I interested in your concept of time or what you opine to be reasonable in terms of resolving this issue. Next you will be telling me that the scheduled maintenance for game chat is way within what you consider to be a reasonable time frame. Unless you are a developer, the credibility of your contribution is open to question. No offence, but that’s the way it is.

You are more than welcome to dig through the forums to find the information from the devs that I’m paraphrasing for you. Except of course blaming the QA for bugs. But I see now that my personal time holds no value to you. So with that, I hope you find the answers that you are looking for. Rather than discounting my information just because you don’t want to hear bad news. Good day sir.


I’m gonna jump in and say it’s for the best that neither of you continues down that line of conversation, both of you probably feel oh so polite but it doesn’t look that way on the outside.

That said, awryan is right. Pushing client updates requires the devs to pay money, go through certification processes, coordinate with all of the various stores, and basically do a ton of work. Even if they wanted to push a patch very quickly, getting it done in “a week” would be a monumental effort. Trying to move too fast increases the odds they make some other mistake. It’s really best if we let them stick to relatively slow client releases.

THAT said, I get your sentiment, Thevc. But in this case there are a lot of factors mitigating the problem. One is that only a handful of people have ZG. Another is that in a lot of matches most endgame players will agree ZG is dead before it gets a chance to cast anyway. A PvP player doesn’t lose much when this does happen, and the owner of the ZG doesn’t gain much. Put all of those together and that’s how the devs arrived at “this isn’t a very big deal”. We’ll see how that changes next GW week, but honestly I think ZG is so easy to kill “on time” it won’t have impact there, either.

We had a whole thread about this already, and the sentiment in this thread was a lot of players want ZG to stay this way. The perception is it isn’t really worth what it costs to make it, and they’d like to see it get a pretty significant boost to its power.

So I don’t think you’re wrong, but I don’t think this is a wagon a lot of people are going to jump on. The devs are aware and comfy with 4.2 as their fix timeframe. The players seem more upset it’s being fixed than otherwise. It is what it is.

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Hi @daveis23, I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue :frowning: I realise it can be frustrating for such a powerful Troop that should only be cast once.

As per the known issues, this problem is fixed in the next update. @awryan is correct in that it requires an update to the game client. For more information on that please kindly review the section at the bottom known issues article.

In regards to timing, the next update is planned to release before Christmas holidays, but I am not at liberty to say more. We are physically unable to release the update sooner due to the time it takes to develop the update, external submission (QA teams reviewing, external submission teams at Microsoft, Apple, etc).


Thank you for the info and I apologize I didn’t know it was on the known issues list.

Not a problem, there’s information everywhere! You can ‘follow’ that article for updates on issues :slight_smile: