R.i.p. zuul'goth

I have zuul’goth ( Boss ), i know zuul’goth had a bug with multiple cast and now with new update fixed bug, honestly and just my opinion zuul’goth really need be best troop of Gems of War , WHY???


all players know the difficulty of getting a Power orb, imagine difficulty for get 8 Power orb

I craft 5 Power orb


I used 15k Gems with events for get 3 Power orb

Major ascension is similar how to win the lottery

for each 20 major, YOU GOT 1 major ascension with Luck yet.

technically i have zuul’goth troop, the most expensive troop of the game OOOONNNLLLYYY FOR COLLECTION



Yeah and it was pretty dumb, considering irongut has infinite casts and gains a lot more stats than zuul when he devours, in addition to the extra turn
And don’t nerf irongut cause I said that Lol
Zuul should be the best mythic or at least equal to the other top ones


I’d be fine with just bringing back multiple casts and it still wouldn’t be near the best mythic. (too much backfire with the skull creation)

People forget there’s a whole bunch of Bosskiller troops that do 3-5x dmg with their spells! Zuul’Goth is pretty weak as is.


Zuul’goth was this bad before, you’re upset because you like a bug that only existed for like 2 months.

The entire purpose of Zuul’goth, from creation, has been to prove how much work people will do for a badge to prove they did it. It’s functioning as intended. I wasted a ton of shit on Xathenos. I’m never going to use it. I did it for the bling. The end.


People starts whining even if we get something average nowadays, even from a bug that did not make Zuul OP, because of a few losses. In the end we won’t get anything useful…

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By removing Zuuls multicast, devs showed a lack of understanding of their own game.

We have actually 610 troops available and Zuul is the most easy troop to kill amongst all 610 troops! Any of the 14 Godslayer troops at mythic rarity will 1 shoot kill him! Are the devs aware of that? (btw Garnetia and Migrim halfgiant dont even need to be at mythic rarity to kill Zuul in 1 cast!)
Also it makes no sense to give Zuul 2nd trait Impervious and not Invulnerable like the Zuul we face in Raid boss. The Doom troops have Invulnerable, why not Zuul? He would still get slaughtered in 1 cast by any of the 14 little Godslayer troops…

So some players got frustrated by seeing their team killed because of several Zuul cast? And the answer was to bring him back to 1 cast only?
A better devs answer to these players would have been to tell them about the existence of the 14 Godslayer troops, no? :thinking:

Now you add the fact Scorpius, Ubastet and Irongut are multicast and you obtain an illogical mess impossible to understand… at least impossible for me.


It’s possible to both:

  • Be happy that Zuul’goth was reverted to its original, not-bugged behavior
  • Believe that Scorpius, Ubastet, and Irongut are too powerful as well

(However, I think Irongut’s the only one of that trio that lives up to it.)

I don’t think it’s logical to:

  • Complain that too many troops are able to multi-kill
  • Use that as proof why there should be more
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I dont complain there are too many troops able to multi kill, I just state a fact that there are these troops.
Now if the most difficult troop to get in the game (by far) that is obviously meant to be amongst the most powerful, if not the most of all, is not multi kill then no other troops should be.
Simple question of logic.


What??? Zuul casting multiple times was considered a bug???.. but…but… he is the hardest troop in the game to get and has a 32 mana cost. there are several troops insta killing for less mana than that. personally i am not a fan of insta kill troops as i think it takes some strategy out of the game, but if a troop is going to be the hardest in the game to get it should be the most powerful.


It was never stated, in patch notes or even casual conversation, that Zuul’goth was meant to be “the most powerful troop in the game”. This is an expectation the players created.

The complaint it didn’t seem “worth it” was made the moment it was spoiled. The devs did not adjust it. The only time it’s ever “changed” was a bug. The devs fixed it. They’ve never even commented on a post about its power level, let alone promised “they’re looking into it”. I think it’s clear it’s exactly what they wanted it to be.

It’s a bling troop that gives endgamers a carrot to chase. It was made because “it seemed fun” to make a bling goal, and it convinces people to spend thousands of gems each week on leaderboard runs. If it were sufficiently powerful to overpower all other troops:

  1. Everyone (except the people who have it) would complain that it’s too expensive and
  2. …gives an unfair advantage to players who P2W to the top of leaderboards and
  3. …it should be toned down or made cheaper so everyone can get it.

I think its existence is stupid. It is too expensive for a bling troop, because it’s so hard to get people want it to be overwhelmingly powerful. It is not powerful enough for its price, because for an F2P player the path is measured in years. But if we try to resolve either of those two directions, we either get:

  • Yet another “expensive but mediocre” troop.
  • A dramatic P2W powerhouse.

I didnt said “the most powerful” but “amongst the most powerful”. But again its a question of logic, Xathenos is easy to get so its irrelevant. Obviously if the devs propose a mythic troop super hard to get, they have to make it a powerful troop otherwise that would equal to taking the players for total idiots.
Now I still dont see the problem of the multicast. Are people too dumb to select one of the 14 Godslayer troops to 1 shoot kill this poor Zuul the rare times they encounter it in PvP?

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Nah, some are just lazy and don’t want to stop and change their team lineup to deal with a specific threat.


It’s not “the rare time they encounter it in PvP” they’re worried about.

It’s the “multiple times per week in Guild Wars”, where randomly slotting in a mediocre troop to deal with a single opponent might not be strategically sound.

Right now they’re proposing the Ring of Wonder is a $100 value, discounted 80% to $19.99. They’re offering me 813 gems, fewer than I get in a week for free, for $50 and suggesting that’s with a bonus. I think “taking” as a future-tense verb is incorrect, try past-tense.


I see,we need to put less good troops, so other people don’t have to put a single “mediocre troop”
Makes perfect sense

Ur a strange one slyp
Starting to think u just love playing devils advocate with ur longwinded posts
Hoping that after the 50th sentence, we forget that none of it makes sense from the start


Well you knew his limitations before going for him. He must be pretty good because we have several people on Xbox already saving power orbs for the next one lol


You don’t see the problem because more people in your guild have it than any other guild. If it was meant to cast more than once that needs to be stated upfront so maybe people that did not go for it would have gone for it. You can’t change rules in middle of the game because some are having buyers remorse.


Devs “change rules in middle of the game” all of the time.

They’re called nerfs and buffs. Aren’t live service games great?


Who on earth is going to use boss killer in a GW lol


Anyone who thinks Zuul’Goth is dangerous enough that it needs to be eliminated without issues.

Maybe people would use a boss killer in GW if Zuul’Goth was actually worth using on defense! :stuck_out_tongue:

See, people should want ZG to be buffed so their boss killers aren’t going to waste.


Your guild just wants an edge you don’t need. You already come here posting your records and then complain your troop don’t work. It must work.